Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NECA's Nightmare Before Christmas Toys Resurface

Just in time for the holidays! IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!! Thanks to a little buzz from my buds on The Fwoosh forums, I was alerted to something excellent. One of the best parts of collecting toys is the element of surprise. It seems entire shipments of action figures can just pop up out of the blue, years after their date of release...and the best part is the price. Since this is old stock and more often then not, sold to a closeout specialist, something going for 25 dollars on ebay can hit the pegs for a fraction of that. Such is the case of NECA's action figure line for A Nightmare Before Christmas , series 3, 4 and 5, showing up in the states for 5 dollars a pop at discount store chain 5 Below. 5 DOLLARS!!! I verified this today and laid my hands on Jack as the Pumpkin King, The Devil, Mummy Boy & Bat Kid, Igor, Behemoth & Easter Bunny, Clown (without the tear away face, sadly), Jack in PJ's and Undersea Gal. I also found some JUN Planning series 1 and 2 Trading Figures. Since they are tiny and I don't want to go all psychotic with buying up all the NBC goods, I only nabbed Snowman Jack and It's a Dream World (which shows Jack observing the tiny sleeping elves.) Forum posters noted they've been scoring the SDCC exclusive Vampire Costume Jack at stores as well, so keep your eyes peeled and happy hunting!

P.S. If you see scalpers buying ALL the stock when you go on your hunt, please be sure to tell a clerk what they are doing, take a cell phone pic and send it in. We are going to start giving prizes for the best "Scalper Caught in the Act" pics. Tell them we said Happy Holidays!

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