Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Plastic Christmas!!

As you may have noticed, I've got my hands full with holiday mirthification, so to keep you well satiated until I finish the family funtime, I've come up with a way to fill your geek tank to overflowing...for at least three days...and brighten up my apartment at the same time so I stop shouting BAA at people online. CHRISTMAS TREEE!!!! If you've never had a real tree in your home, you may not be familiar with the particular pine smell that fills the air and for me, really solidifies that it is the season to boogie. What makes having a tree enough to top off your dork tank? ACTION FIGURE NATIVITY SCENE!!! Here's the casting...

Lil' Baby Jesus - Lil Batman Tech Deck Dude
Mary - The Corpse Bride
Joseph - Strider
King 1 - Namor
King 2 - Randor
Little Drummer Boy - The Humping Robot
Herald Angel - The Ultimate Warrior
Sheppard 1 - Yoda
Sheppard 2 - Connor MacLeod of the clan MacLeod
Barn Animal 1 - The Easter Bunny
Barn Animal 2 & 3 - Gir & Piggie
Barn Animal 4 - A sort of pig moose
Barn Animal 5 - Moofia Toki Doki
Barn Animal 6 - Man Eating Cow
Barn Animal 7 - Squirrel
Gifts of the Kings - (Uncredited) The Horcrux Ring, a LEGO trophy and a spooky NBC present

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!!

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