Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thor 3D Trailer Hits This Weekend

It seems logical that the new Thor 3D trailer will be tacked to the front of Narnia, especially since that film is in 3D as well, so consider this your heads up. The trailer has much of the footage from that leaked reel we saw floating around after San Diego Comic Con with SHIELD Agent Coulsen questioning the man who took apart his men as if they were second rate security guards with images of him doing the deed flashing about. "Where were you trained?" We flash to Asgard where Thor is getting a tongue lashing from his father Odin who calls him a boy and remarks that he has brought war to their peaceful land. Flash to a pack of bad ass looking Frost Giants on the march. Flash back and Loki attempts to lodge a protest to Thor's punishment but Dad won't hear it. The sentence is passed and we flash to Natalie Portman AKA Jane Foster showing concern and then to Thor, flat on his back, who says something like "Nooo...I'm on Earth, aren't I" with disdain in his voice. Idris Elba as Heimdall gets a fair amount of flash time as well, though it's nothing but him making faces and such. We also see a couple of Asgardian ladies, one of which being Jaimie Alexander as Sif. Some quick Frost Giant battle rounds out the excitement, some explosions go off and we see Destroyer is causing chaos in the middle of it all. So that's about it! You'll mainly want to see this to ooo and ahhh at the footage in 3D and of course...FROST GIANT RAMPAGE!! Hit the movies for this and the new Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon..umm..I mean Dark of the Moon..teaser..also in 3D.. and then feel free to vacate unless you are a glutton for the same old Narnia punishment. Maybe they'll let you watch the trailers for a fiver?

UPDATE: Make that 2.50 -

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