Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Indie Spotlight..Crawling..Slowly...To...America....

Yes, the last time I gave an update on Mucus Tick it was YAAAAY They are almost HEEERE!! Now I'm like wooo...its fucking done...somewhere...but they ain't here yet so sit tight and when I have them, YOU will fucking know! Not that I have animosity toward those asking, i'm just very excited that they are finished, but now this is the equivalent of of your bigger sibling playing keep away. You can see your toy...but you aren't tall enough to grab the damn thing. BUT THEY ARE COMING!! eventually. Today we party down with in package pics to confirm that these do, indeed, exist... somewhere, and are not holograms, cgi, magic or an opium induced fever dream. Merruh Chrismus

Also thought I'd share with you some pics I shot a while back of Indie Spotlight series 1. Enjoy!

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