Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Very ThinkGeek Christmas!

While other sites have done their best to show you all the awesome stuff you should be buying for the dorkiest in your life this Holiday season, I've been watching Robot Chicken and buying a 2 foot long Millennium Falcon...but that doesn't mean I don't love you. To prove my devotion, here are some of the best new items you can score from the madmen over at ThinkGeek, perhaps with the money your stepdad gives you to buy your love, yes? Let's begin!

Canned Unicorn Meat : Oddly enough, when you plug Unicorn into the ThinkGeek search, a whooole page of wonder opens up. Oddly enough, Unicorn is one of the few things you can punch into Google without seeing boobs. It's a fact! Horrify your vegan friends with this, a most thoughtful gift. Upon figuring out how to open the can, you'll find a fuzzy little friend inside, conveniently split into small portions for easier transport and posing on your Hummel shelf.

TannenBomb Prank Holiday Ornament
: The ultimate geek ornament. Robots and Zombies. Who could say no?! Once your victim accepts your mind shattering present and hangs it on their tree, the fun begins. Half an hour later, sounds creep into the air...coming from an unseen source and soon enough, driving them MAD!!! Eventually, you'll find your best pal in their underwear at the local convenience store screaming they need all the straws to build a fence strong enough to keep the meerkats out. Let's watch this re-enactment...

Star Trek
Enterprise Pizza Cutter : This one is very straightforward and won't cause your friends any heart ache and therefore, it is not as fun...but it sure is shiny!! I have nothing snarky to say about this pretty implement of pizza carving doom, so I'll let ThinkGeek handle this one...

You'll find that even though the prime mission of the Enterprise has now become very pizza centric, the chrome plated metal construction and padded gift box make the Enterprise pizza cutter a true Star Trek collectible. Plus it looks great on your desk even when not being used to cut your favorite cheese and sauce laden foods.

Electronic Spy Camera Shirt : This particular item was so awesome, we had to give it a SPY ROAD TEST!!! The first obstacle was the color, which is a sort of Aqua Marine Blue. Not many people can rock that color, so I threw it on and relied on my natural sex appeal to carry me through the day. It may have been just enough. The second obstacle was revealed after returning home from a stop at China Buffet and some toy shopping. Apparently, you have to be fairly flat chested to operate this thing. I've got a manly, Magnum P.I. chest which made the camera point skyward, so I got some awesome pictures of people's heads and one awesome sky shot. Of course, no one knew I was shooting these images, so VICTORY WAS MINE!!! I will note that the switch to shoot pics powers down after a while so you don't forget it is in your pocket and burn through the batteries. It was insanely easy to hook he device up to the computer and retrieve the pictures, so there's another point in the plus category. Also, since all the camera gear is removable allowing you to wash the shirt, there's no reason you can't attach it to another, way cooler and more covert shirt than the bright blue one it comes with! You'll have to sew on a bit of Velcro, but its a small price to pay for the ultimate sneaky shirt of the century. Just think of all the cleavage shots you can come home with.

Happy Holidays from Idle Hands and ThinkGeek!

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