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Booker Vs the 2012 Star Wars Lineup

Now that October is out of the way, I can sit on my ass and catch you up on the rest of New York Comic Con, including every ounce of information we yanked from our toy buddies! We'll kick things off with Hasbro's Star Wars offerings for 2012. Consider this a sneak preview for NY Toy Fair (February), which will be here before you know it! Matt Booker explains all the plastics of the Star Warsiverse...

Hasbro's Star Wars line up for spring 2012: All new SW will start to hit stores Jan 30th just prior to the Episode1 3D movie release mid Feb.

NEW LINE - Movie Heroes (24 figures)

This line will replace Saga Legends and feature classic repacks along with all new figures
Wave one looked like saga legends refresh focusing on Episode1 and then wave two will bring in new sculpts and features, and light up sabers with non-replaceable batteries that should last a long, long time, and play feature accessories that are all removable. It’s kid orientated, but fans will love it too as there’s some great new sculpts and features to be found throughout the line.

Jedis will have button activated have slashing action. Some will have projectiles while others will have different play features. For instance, young Anakin has pod racer gear consisting of a removable, missile firing jetpack that looks like his pod racer engine and a removable helmet that’s just like the one in the film. Classic Ep1 Padme in Theed battle gear will have a working grapple line backpack. An all new R2D2 will have 32 different sound FX phrases!! We were used to 3-4 in a toy, so this should be fantastic.

In the panel, we were told more will be revealed at NY Toy Fair in Feb and they hope to show a figure with light up blaster features. So plenty of play value coming soon with features for kids which are removable for collectors to display as new, movie authentic figures. They serve a dual purpose and should be well received as there are some great pieces!

Note that most of the figures on display were early prototypes and had factory marking numbers on their foreheads. (these were not signs of Satanic worship or markings of the Illuminati as I had theorized. –Paul)

Wave 1 on shelf 1/30:
Darth Maul (attack posture whipping around), Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid, R2-D2, Qui-Gon Jinn (mid battle pose), Shock Trooper, Destroyer Droid, Obi-Wan Kenobi (in mid battle pose), General Grievous, Darth Vader, Clone Trooper (with flight pack) & Yoda

Wave 2 on shelf February:
Obi-Wan Kenobi (on guard), Darth Maul (on guard), Padme Amidala, Anakin Skywalker (jetpack), Qui-Gon Jinn (on guard) and Jar Jar Binks (a no-shenanigans version!)

Figure & Vehicles packs : Class One Fleet ( mini rigs for the old skool fans) on shelf 1/30
Darth Maul with Bloodfin (aka Sith Speeder), Ben Kenobi with Mini Naboo Royal Fighter, Clone Trooper with Barc Speeder and rounding out Wave One was the Episode One deco of the STAP and Battle Droid.

Medium Vehicles: Wave one on shelf 1/30
Reissues of the 1999 Sebulba and Anakin Podracers are on the way that are upgraded and enhanced, featuring new photo etched panel lines. The AAT (Droid Tank) will have a new interior that can hold 2 figures inside and movie accurate deco. Also on tap is a new deco on Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator.

Wave two on shelf February
100% Brand New Naboo Starfighter with pop out weapon pod missile launcher on the sides a bit like the ones seen on the cloud car. This will also feature a new cockpit design that has a removable R2 dock. No electronics though! Also on shelves will be a redco’d Republic Fighter Tank and Anakin's Jedi Starfighter

Clone Wars
Plenty of refresh figures from key episodes like Chewy and Mace Windu. Phase two clones will be making their way into the line just as they have in the cartoon series. The line includes all new phase two armoured Captain Rex with a non removable helmet, all new Obi Wan and Commander Boss from the Republic Commandos (which we hope means we will some day see all of Delta Squad in clone wars toy form as they are mainly just repaints.)

Wave 1 on shelf 1/30:
Savage Opress, Mace Windu (with the severed head of Jango Fett??!! REALLY??!! probably not, but it is fun to think so!), Cad Bane, Yoda, Chewbacca, Anakin Skywalker, Aqua Battle Droid, Clone Commander Cody, Plo Koon & Clone Trooper.

Wave 2 on shelf April:
Republic commando Boss, Captain Rex, Obi-Wan Kenobi & Aayla Secura.

Battle Packs Wave 1 on shelf 1/30
All refreshed strong products from key scenes in the Star Wars saga with some redecos. On tap are Rebel Heroes: Han Solo, Chewy and C-3PO, Republic Troopers: Hardcase, Cut Up and Bomb Squad, and Geonosian Arena Battle: Ben Kenobi, Jango Fett and a Battle Droid. All of these include plenty of gear to add to the Galactic Battle Game ..dice, cards, etc.

Over 55 figures on the way. The line ups have moved around a bit from what was announced for 2011 and some have been pushed back till next year including a few reissues and 24 NEW figures, some of which were announced at this presentation. They are aware of the distribution problem and they aim to make it a lot better and easier to get product in 2012.

New figures will have a new coloured boxed vintage 21 card back styling.

Wave One end of Jan:
Qui-Gon Jinn, Ratts Tyrell & Pit Droid (which was due out in 09 but was replaced last minute by Clegg Holdfast), Darth Sidious, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, Battle Droid (which fully folds down just like in the movie), Naboo Royal Guard, Doltroy Dofine (great articulation and cloth goods), Quinlan Vos (Extended Universe character that’s had more love than any other EU character in the past 8 years that I can think of), Anakin Skywalker with Training Droid from Episode One, Ben Quadrinaros & Otoga-222 (Big face as they have known him at Hasbro) and Queen Amidala in black dress from Ep1

Wave Two: March
Mon Calamari Pilot from the deleted scenes, Luke Skywalker Jedi -Building his light saber from deleted scenes, Rebel Trooper (Colonel Craken) - Endor Buner Raid from deleted scenes, Leia and Lando in Sandstorm Gear - reissues with new accessories.

The deletes scenes characters proved to be a challenge for the packaging designer as there were no crisp images for the card back, so they will be composite art

Wave 3: April
Luke in Hoth Gear (that will fit on the new Taun Taun), Imperial Navy Commander, Clone Wars Season 1 Anakin (in a realistic style.. card art will be a composite art again), Darth Malgus (all new from the new game SW the Old Republic by Bioware) & Darth Vader (non removable helmet, all new sculpt which has as much articulation as you can possibly get)

Wave 4: April
Aayla Secura, Nom Anor, 501st Clone Trooper, Dr. Cornelius Evazan, Kithaba (vintage Barada done for the first time properly since 1995) and fan requested figure Wedge Antilies ... so one day we will all find him.

Wave 5: April
More fan requested figures (ie; do overs so you can actually score) Han Solo in Hoth outfit with welding gear, Barris Offee (soft goods cloak), Bom Vimdin, Arc Trooper Commander - Fordo, Rebel Fleet Trooper (cos we all need an army of these grunts to fend off the empire while R2 gets off the Tantive with the plans!), Logray (Great figure! Lets hope they get the colours correct this time) & Gamorrean Guard - 2 per case please, Hasbro. This was the best figure of last year. Such a great piece.

All Reissued figures will have their original 2010 card back packaging -not going to be refreshed to the 2011 vintage 21 back card styles.

Vehicles in vintage packaging for the first time:
AT-AP with new deco
V19 Torrent fighter
Obi Wan’s Jedi Starfighter

Titaniums are back! 9 packs for the whole year.
Now in three packs starting with an Episode 1,2,3 focus

Wave 1 on shelf 1/30:
Sith Infiltrator, MTT, Naboo Starfighter / AT-TE, Republic Gunship, Halfire Droid / Tri-Droid, Turbo Tank and Anakin's Starfighter

All are repackaged items, but great product with some new decos.

Roleplay 2012:
Darth Maul Double-Bladed Lightsaber (on shelf 1/30)- bare bones- no electronics- 5ft fully extended and blades fully collapse inside the handles.
Ultimate FX Sabers - Anakin, Vader, Luke (Green)
Electronic Helmets - NEW Darth Maul with printed eyes and reissues of Vader and phase one Clone Trooper
Non Electronic Masks: Captain Rex and Vader

Blasters: Boba reissue and Rebel Fleet Trooper.

Fighter Pods:
Going for the Playground craze market similar to Squinks and GoGos. These are highly collectible and low cost entry level for all ages. They are of soft & squishy foam style plastic. Over 130 to collect in 2012! There’s no official game rules, but its a last man standing game that kids can free play and use the pods in many ways to knock down all your opponents’ figures down. They will be making loads of different characters and Porkins is in the first release!!! SKUs include…

Class 1: Celebrate the legendary Star Wars saga that changed the universe forever! This exciting new collection brings to life the incredible story of good versus evil that captured our imagination and took us to a galaxy far, far away. These incredibly cute figures also come with fighter pods to battle your friends and enemies in your own Star Wars universe (or your bedroom) - great fun for collectors of all ages! Figures are around 1-2 inches, includes 4 random figures and 2 pods. Characters include Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padme Amidala, Kit Fisto, Darth Vader (masked and unmasked!), Chewbacca (x2), Jeb Porkins Red Guard, Luke Skywalker, Captain Rex, C-3PO, Darth Sidious, Akankin Skywalker, Darth Maul, Boba Fett, Clone Commander Cody, Storm Trooper, Blond Guy (aka Luke in Stormtrooper gear), Aayla Secura, Han Solo in hoth gear, Yoda, R2-D2, Jabba the Hutt, Qui-Gon Jinn, Clone Trooper, Jango Fett, Han Solo in carbonite, Lando Calrisian, Snowtrooper, Sandtrooper, Tie Fighter Pilot, Han Solo in Stormtrooper gear and Bossk who seems to have adopted the last name "Eater" for the sake of..child..playability?! Vehicles which hold the pods include Anakin's Starfighter, a Snowspeeder, the Millennium Falcon, Sith Infiltrator and the AT-AT (which holds 2 pods!)

Class 2: includes 8 figures, 4 pods & 1 special vehicle pod. Will also include 2 exclusive figures per pack!

Class 3: includes 12 figures, 6 pods & 1 special vehicle pod. Will also include 2 exclusive figures per pack!

Jedi Force:
New for 2011 will be figure 2 packs- Ep1 Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, Darth Maul and Blood Finn Speeder Bike

2012 Exclusives:

Walmart “Discover the Force” range on shelf 1/30 - All have new style packaging with a pair of old school red and blue 3D glasses that work with the image on the back of the card.

12 different Phantom Menace figures: 4 which will be reissued later in the year in vintage packaging ( Mawhonic, Aurra Sing, Naboo Pilot, Gungan Warrior), 2 that are in the general release “Movie Heroes” range without 3D glasses ( Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn with soft goods). Only released in this range: Ric Olie, Yoda, Tusken Raider, Destroyer Droid, G8-R3 and Darth Maul.

Royal Starship Droids Battle Pack - 4 R2 Units from the classic scene -all will be build a droid parts and have their harnesses. Pack includes R2-R9, R2-A6, R2-B1 and R2-D2.
Mos Espa Arena Battle Pack – Anakin, 3PO, Sebulba, Rodian and 2 Pit Droids.

Dewback – Just a repaint of the previous one without a Sandtrooper.
Vulture Droid - Repaint in the classic Phantom Menace movie colours

Target: Two 2-packs that re-issue key Sith characters.
Emergence of the Sith 2 pack - Darth Sidious and Darth Maul
Rise of Darth Vader - little Anakin Skywalker with Naboo pilot helmet and Darth Vader.

Role Play Electronic Vader helmet and saber pack - All reissues.

Toys R Us: Pod Racer Pilots pack on shelf 1/30 - Re-issues of Clegg Holdfast, Gasgano, Dud Bolt, Mars Guo and Teemto Pagalies. ..will also come with the banner for each racer as seen in the film!

Info from Questions from panel:

Class One Boba Fett on bike and Republic Attack Ship are on the way but no release date yet.

Next new Darth Maul should have ball jointed elbows.

Fighter Pods blind packaged ships will be totally random in foil bags and smokey-painted pods.

Obi Wan from A New Hope should come on a vintage card again.

No plans of doing more official SW Star Cases for 2012, but they are thinking about it for 2013.

New Vintage Vader will not have a removable helmet.

Concept figures are on the top 5/6 ideas of things to come back to but not in 2012.

Spring will focus on Episode 1 and then the rest of the year will be balanced on all 6 films.

No plans for Fighter Pods carry cases just yet but its a great idea.

Next Big Vehicle will be revealed at New York Toy Fair in February.. The Legendary Mark Bordroux designed it. (I speculate it will be the Naboo Star Ship to go with the Episode 1 theme. Matt hears it may be the Droid Drop Ship or Rebel Transport. Droid Drop Ship makes sense as the new Droid figure can fold up the way it is supposed to!)

Future vintage product should all be available in the UK

No way to make the blister easier to remove from card back to let openers keep the card back mint.

Vintage Vader on A New Hope card should be the next Vader release. Adam Paulus from Galactic Hunter showed he knows more than the staff !
So loads of great new products for 2011 and as it’s a movie year, there’s loads of Darth Maul, who will be back in the spring in the Clone Wars cartoon series. It should be a great year for Star Wars with Episode 1 in the cinema in 3D and the 4th season of Clone Wars continuing on TV …the brand will be in the spotlight all year!

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Quick note: Went on a toy run yesterday and saw Clone Wars Mace Windu and the awesome looking Aqua Battle Droid on the pegs, so these release dates may be a little off!

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  1. It would be cool to watch them again at 3D bid screens! Their stunts and battlescene is really awesome! Well that brought me to pre-order for SWTOR, can’t really wait until the release. I also bookmark some swtor credits sites so I can order ASAP if I need some credits!