Monday, November 28, 2011

Killer Deals at Amazon for Cyber Monday..Week?

Did you miss out on the Black Friday sales & Entertainment Earth goodies or did you pounce on a number of items and are now anxious for more sweet, sweet plastic at fantastic prices? I took a cyber walk over to Amazon today and noticed their Cyber Monday week (which makes no sense but we'll take it) had begun and there are TOYS in them thar columns!! All orders over $25 get free shipping, so get to shopping! Here's the best deals with links right to the pages where you can purchase...

Star Wars Republic Attack Shuttle at 44% off: Did you miss the EE sale on the biggest Star Wars toy/playset of the year? NEVER FEAR!! Amazon now has THE LOWEST PRICE of the season! I can't imagine it going lower than $50 with free shipping, can you? Didn't think so. Prepare for twice the out-of-this-world battle action with the STAR WARS REPUBLIC ATTACK SHUTTLE. In space or on the ground, the ATTACK SHUTTLE demolishes the Droid army. It features rotating wings, electronic lights that flash, and a base that makes battle-ready announcements. The REPUBLIC ATTACK SHUTTLE comes with five projectiles, CLONE PILOT figure, blaster, label sheet, instructions, Galactic Battle game dueling card, and battle game base.

Nerf N-Strike Stampede at 50% off: There are two toy lines that get people's attention no matter what their age may be...from 6 to 36, LEGO and NERF stop the show. Now you can snap up two battle ready guns to take over your work place with foamy fury. Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS- This fully automatic blaster unleashes a storm of soft Nerf darts from the extended 18-dart clip--and it is easy to reload with the spares. The high-capacity Stampede even includes a blast shield to deflect incoming "fire," as well as a pop-out bipod for stability. The Stampede boasts a 30-foot firing range, weighing nearly 5 pounds and built of thick, durable plastic. Set also includes three extended 18-round clips, quick-reload 6-dart clip, 60 Clip System darts, and directions.

Looking for more armaments? Luckily, the Stampede is not the only gun at discount prices.

Nerf Dart Tag Swampfire at 50% off: Battery power eliminates the traditional need to pump the blaster, allowing players to direct their attention toward game strategy. Hold down the trigger for motorized, full-auto blasting with a rotating barrel that holds up to 20 darts at a time. Single darts can be fired for a more calculated firing style. A stock allows the blaster to rest comfortably against players' shoulders and can be removed for high mobility attacks. Comes with Blaster, 20 Dart Tag darts, Dart Tag rules, and assembly instructions. $20

Nerf Vortex Proton at 44% off: Switch over from darts to disks to hit enemies fast and far! This powerful, single-shot blaster is compact enough to hide away when needed, but also quick-loading enough for surprise situations. Comes with 3 ultra-distance discs. At $9.99, you can afford to outfit your whole crew for a New Year's Eve raid!

Nerf Dart Tag Speed Load 6 at 57% off: That disk shooter was fun, but you like the feel of darts and you want a package that packs in more for your minimal bucks? This air-powered blaster lets you return fire fast with high-speed reloads. The integrated clip holds six darts and lets you load super-fast. Again, only a 10 spot.

ThunderCats Tower of Omens Playset at 50% off: Now that everyone is going berserk for te new cartoon, fans lay in wait for the 3 and 3 quarter action figures to go on sale for the holiday season. Little did you expect the playset that can hold them all would be the cheapest score of all! The Tower of Omens includes Cat Entrance Gate, Catapult, Tower with elevator and slide, mini ThunderCats vehicle and exclusive 4” transparent figure of Tygra, which has embedded magnet activating the ThunderLynx features. Place Tygra (or any 4” figure) in elevator and raise him up, which will open up the top of the Tower and will activate lights and sounds.

G.I. Joe Sky Striker Jet at 50% off: G.I. Joe easily gets my vote for toy line of the year with fairly accessible figure waves and each one packed with as many accessories as they could possibly jam into that tiny blister card. The quality of each figure just keeps going up, so you can't lose! Now you can score the keystone of any Joe collection at a fraction of the price. Complete with pivoting "airsweep" wings and a CAPT. ACE figure eager to "fly", the G.I. JOE Combat Jet Sky Striker XP-21F vehicle is ready for lift-off. This jet also comes with removable missile accessories for plenty of firepower. $22.49

If you need an enemy fighter to chase after your Sky Striker, you can also score the Cobra Night Raven at 58% off!

KRE-O Sentinel Prime Firetruck Building Kit at 58% off: You can build your SENTINEL PRIME character in robot mode and then use the very same bricks to reassemble him in vehicle mode. Also included are four poseable KREON mini figures. I don't have to tell you how much the mini figures rule. This particular set comes with Soundwave, Thundercracker, Sentinel Prime and a human Fire Chief. This is the biggest set in the series so far, at 386 pieces for only $18.99!

That's the creme of the crop, but there's loads more to take advantage of. Here's a quick link list of some of the highlights, but feel free to click any link and dive right into the full listings for Amazon's holiday deals!

Marble Racers-MaxTraxxx Interlocking Race Track 50% off (19.99)
Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6 40% off (47.99)
Tonka Ricochet R/C Replay 50% off (39.99) also comes in RED
My Pillow Pets Lavender Unicorn 18" 58% off (10.39)
My Pillow Pets Book Engardia And 17" Dragon Pillow Pet 48% off (16.99)
Sesame Street Let's Rock Elmo 33% off (46.75)
Crayola Glow Dome 62% off (15.00)
Crayola Color Wonder Sound Studio 57% off (15.00)

And for the non-child like folks on your list...

True Blood Season 3 46% off (32.49)
Glee: The Complete Second Season 52% off (28.99)
Community: The Complete Second Season 70% off (13.99) first season is 12.49!
Breaking Bad: The Complete Second Season 65% off (10.99) ..actually you can get three seasons for $38.97!
Star Wars: The Original Trilogy on Blu-ray 43% off (39.99)
Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy (+ Digital Copy) Blu-ray 67% off (26.49)!
Garmin nĂ¼vi 1490LMT 5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates 57% off (149.99)
Batman: Arkham City 33% off (39.99)

Happy Shopping!

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