Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Riddler Joins Batman: Brave and the Bold Figures

FINALLY..a new character! After a very long wait, Mattel drops a new villain into the action figure mix with no warning what so ever. When I asked about the future of this line and the possibility of new characters in the near future at San Diego Comic Con, my question was met with confusion as to why I would even ask. I figured since they did include the line in their slide show, they would be qualified to talk on the topic. This was not the case. Since that time, we have only seen a single packed Superman added to the line along side countless Batman figures. Hasn't Mattel learned this lesson before?? Here are the facts...

1. Batman: Brave and the Bold is a cartoon series getting excellent reviews from kids and adults alike. This should give Mattel all the reason they need to tailor the toy line for both audiences.

2. The style of the toy line falls somewhere between the Bruce Timm animated and the chunky kid friendly toys DC Comics fans ate up not long ago. Again, a green light to crank out more toys for a very happy collector crowd.

3. The show boasts a very eclectic selection of villains the likes of which we have never seen in a Batman cartoon before. Since they occur for more than three seconds, and in multiple episodes, you can bet that kids recognize them..so what's to stop Mattel from creating figures of these otherwise super-obscure baddies??!!! Think about it. Crazy Quilt. Kite Man. Old School Captain Boomerang. Calendar Man. MUSIC MEISTER (who had his own episode voiced by the super popular Neil Patrick Harris!!) Hell..how many of you would kill for a BatMite right now after most likely failing to find one at KMart? Now ..how many of you with your hands still raised would buy a "Tales of the BatMite" set of alternate universe Batmen??!!

My point is, there are so many fun characters in this show, including very familiar characters sporting outfits they usually don't appear in (in other cartoons), so what's the hold up? This is a golden opportunity Mattel should not overlook. I very happily bought old school Joker and Green Arrow and was crazy excited to buy two different versions of Plastic Man.
Justice League Unlimited is toast at retail. Give us something to walk into a store and buy!!

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