Thursday, November 24, 2011

Entertainment Earth's Insane Black Friday Deals

Well..technically they started they are Black Thursday deals. Sounds like a proper Emo band, doesn't it? ANYYYWAY...our loving buddies over at Entertainment Earth have clued us in on their amazing sales going on this weekend. If you are looking for some killer plastic for the geek in your life, this should be the first place you hit ..and soon! I'm not overly hyping this when I say these items aren't going to last long at these prices. Here's the best of the best...

Remember the Cloverfield Monster??!! I took this to horror shows and people offered me 250 for it on the spot. It later shot up to $500 on ebay. Now a secret supply has been uncovered and Entertainment Earth is unloading for the psychotic price of $60!! Let's face wouldn't buy it at $100..and then you cried when it was $500. Don't make the same mistake again! He makes noises as he destroys your mini city, comes with alternate heads for quiet contemplation and screaming anger, has the head of the Statue of Liberty as a chew toy, is filled with tiny little parasites AND comes in an awesome diorama box. CLICK HERE for the Cloverfield Monster for $60!

Any World of Warcraft fans in the house? Now you can own a piece of the action without fear you may be angered one day and lop off someone's head. KEEN! Behold..the 47 inch World of Warcraft Frostmourne Latex Sword! A hard rubber handle and real suede wrapping ensure both great balance and a firm grip for complete control. The tough layered foam, high-quality latex, and specially developed paint have been researched for long-lasting play and a non-cracking finish. The police-grade Kevlar used in the sword tip guarantees a non-tearing thrust. Though the fiber core of this weapon is lightweight, it commands the strength to withstand excessive pounds of stress. "Whosoever takes up this blade shall wield power eternal." Welp..than can be YOU! CLICK HERE for the World of Warcraft Frostmourne Sword for $70!

- EE also has an Alliance Flag for $15, A Horde Flag for $15, An Alliance Wearable Tabard for $35, and a Horde Wearable Tabard for $35!

For the Marvel junkie in your life, you can snap up a prop replica that would normally make your pockets cry for mercy. It's Tony Stark's second-favorite can! (get it?! Cuz he was a drunk? oh geez.) Based on his original appearance in Tales of Suspense #39, this Iron Man Steel Helmet Replica is shiny and includes a black padded lining, making it comfortable for you to wear. (and wear it you must) This full-size headgear comes with a metal stand with nameplate that's guaranteed to keep the helmet standing upright when you're not wearing it. Limited to 1,463 units, this incredible reproduction can be yours if you hurry. Prepare for some real "heavy metal" action with this awesome piece! It also comes with a certificate of authenticity. Measures about 13-inches tall. Ages 13 and up. Snap up the First Appearance Iron Man Helmet Replica for only $90 (that's 74% off) in steel grey and $95 in glimmering GOLD!

Entertainment Earth has slashed the prices on a few figures with retro more ways than one. Looking for something that will make your geek flash back to their childhood at the thought of the film it comes from AND the feel of the product? Then you are looking for MODERN MEGO!! EE had a set of Flash Gordon figures; Ming and Flash ready to do battle for $20, and a pair of Ghostbusters with EGON and Ray from The real Ghostbusters cartoon series for $13 a piece (they are $20 in stores.) You can also nab Scott Ian from Anthrax for a tenner. Who doesn't want a tiny Scott Ian on their desk?!

Finally, for the Star Wars freaks, EE has a number of things you probably can't say no to, especially if you collect the toys and are always looking for a deal. Let's start with the biggest and the best. Parents, take note! the Republic Attack Shuttle is only $54 here!!! This is Hasbro's feature vehicle for the year with all the lights, sounds and action your kids crave while they watch Jedi behead the bad guys in their favorite cartoon. FAMILY FUN!! This detailed Republic Attack Shuttle Vehicle features rotating wings to start it "soaring." Put your Clone Pilot Figure in the cockpit and then detach it to create a recon-fighter vehicle! If an attack begins and you've got to arm yourself for battle, convert your vehicle to armored attack-base mode. Electronic lights flash as the base makes announcements like "Droid fighters incoming!" and "All cannons fire!" to prepare you and your Clone Pilot Figure. Get your enemies in your sights and engage your pop-up missile-firing cannons. $54 is THE LOWEST PRICE OF THE SEASON, so don't wait to snap this up. Also on tap is Jabba the Hutt's throne playset for a mere $20, The Imperial Tie-Bomber for $20, and an awesome Remote Control Hailfire Droid for $30!!

There's more but's three pages of can dive in and swim the waters of cheap plastics yourself at the touch of a button. Click any of the links above to get started on your holiday shopping and be a hero at half the price!

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