Monday, November 14, 2011

Super Mario 3D Land Comes to Times Square

Times Square Toys R Us is my favorite toy store on the planet. Sure, they rarely have anything I need to buy as they are raped by scalpers daily and the prices are slightly higher than Toys R Us's usual high prices, but never the less, when I am in NY, I must pay tribute to the giant anamatronic TRex on the second floor. To not say hi would be rude. Many a company has taken advantage of the TRex's magnetic draw and held their launch events in the store that is undeniably the beating geek heart at the center of the city. This weekend was no different, as Nintendo transformed a section of New York City into something...wonderful...

Nintendo is celebrating the upcoming launch of Super Mario 3D Land™ for Nintendo 3DS by turning Military Island at Times Square into Mario’s 3D World! Fans stepped inside a real-life video game in the heart of New York City with a life-sized warp pipe, trampoline coin jump, and a flagpole finale. Consumers also got a rare opportunity to see how 3D enhances their gaming experience by playing Super Mario 3D Land™ ahead of the official release date.

Super Mario 3D Land™ for Nintendo 3DS lands November 13th, 2011!

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