Monday, November 14, 2011

Darkseid Attacks the New52niverse

The buzz on DC's New52 is finally dying down a bit after uproars over slutty orange aliens, Catwoman's sex life and 200 complaints about costume redesigns, but one thing is clear. This new universe is selling comics, so it isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Now DC Comics "The Source" blog teases the coming of a heavy weight baddie redesigned by Jim Lee himself...

Superstar artist and DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee brings his razor sharp design skills to the greatest villain in the DC pantheon. Originally conceived and designed by Jack Kirby, the King of Comics himself, Darkseid’s redesign has the Kirby motif all over him. Jim has taken what made Darkseid a fearsome foe from his original incarnation and provided the big bad with a 21st century design flair for even more malevolence.

Now that you’re all jumping out of your chairs over this, fret not, you’ll be able to see this design in action soon enough! In JUSTICE LEAGUE #4 in fact, on sale December 21.

I swore I would make no comments about his costume pointing at his "omega beam." Damn..I've done it now.

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