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Adventure Time: It Came from the Nightosphere

My favorite cartoon is back with a second volume of cartoons on DVD! As is generally the case, MEGA fans will probably be waiting for the combined Season 1 DVD, but there seem t be heaps of kids out there discovering the disks like these for little people with no no iterest in extras become the perfect gift. Here's a rundown of each episode you'll find on the "It Came from the Nightosphere" collection...

It Came from the Nightosphere : While helping Marceline the Vampire Queen record her now famous “Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries” jam, Finn releases ultimate evil into the land of Ooo. Now Finn has to find a way to boot Marceline's soul sucking father back into the nether-realms while Marceline just wants to get her axe bass back.

Rainy Day Daydream : A storm of knives puts a damper on adventuring, so Jake throws his imagination into overdrive and almost DESTROYS THE WOOOORLD!!! ….or just Finn. Everything gets INTENSE and Finn gets pretty jacked up.

Wizard : Hey Kid…ya want some magic powers? There are many a creepy, evil looking dude wandering the lands of Ooo…and it is the responsibility of Finn and Jake to decide which just look evil and which want to eat their eyes out. In this case, the spooky skeleton guy leads our heroes to a magic school promising powers for every task they complete. What is the ultimate wizard power? Awesome 70’s mustache casting? Dustimancy? There’s only one way to find out! this broom to continue...

Power Animal : A rooftop party brings Jake’s focus into question. When Finn goes missing the following morning, Jake must summon alllllll the powers of his focus to figure out where his best bud has gone..but that means avoiding sexy water ladies, dancing bugs and so on. The land of Ooo is pretty darn distracting.

The Enchiridion : Finn’s superior heroing skills pay off when Princess Bubblegum honors him with knowledge of the Enchiridion, a book only a truly righteous hero can possess. WHAT AMAZING SECRETS LAY WITHIN ITS PAGES??!! Finn and Jake quest for the book guarded by many an adorable obstacle. Peril awaits.

Slumber Party Panic : Adventure Time’s approximation of a ZOMBIE OUTBREAK! Of course the zombies are candy people from the candy kingdom and they crave….CANDYYYY!!! They go after Finn and Jake as well though…so don’t delve too far into the plot. While Princess Bubblegum hits the science to cure the zombies, Finn must protect the Candy Kingdom while keeping a royal promise to not tell anyone what he is protecting them from! Wackiness ensues.

The Real You : Finn is asked to speak at a gathering of super nerds, so he goes on a quest with Jake to jump start his brain power, thus impressing Princess Bubblegum and increasing his chances of a smootchathon. The Glasses of Nerdicon may be the key!

Memory of a Memory : Fin and Jake pull a magical Inception of Marceline’s brains to yank her out of a sleep spell, but all may not be as it appears. Pasts are revealed, crotches are stomped and jerkiness is afoot!

Prisoners of Love : ICE KING BATTLE!! When Finn and Jake get iced over, they discover Ice King’s super creepola Princess collection…as in he has all the princesses locked up so he can choose which one he likes best to marry his nasty ole’ stalkery booty. Now our heroes must find a way to escape their frozen prison and rescue the princesses all at once. Jedi Mind Tricks aplenty.

Crystals Have Power : A mysterious crystal transports Finn and Jake to a mystical world guessed it..CRYSTAL MADNESS!! Now Jake must overcome his new found vow of restraint to do battle and save his best bud and unravel the secrets of their crystalline captors.

Business Time : While cracking open glaciers, Finn and Jake revive ancient business men! The over zealous worker bees are eager to please and seem like the solution to all of Jake’s energy exertion first…but it isn’t long before the pair discovers BUSINESS IS EVIL!!

Mystery Train : It’s Finn’s birthday, but a scenic trip on an old-timey train turns into a journey to MURRRRDERRRR TOWWWWN. Did you know candy people have skeletons inside their sugary bodies? Neither did I. It’s a bit disturbing.

Guardians of Sunshine : Finn and Jake grow bored of Beemo’s video game and think it would be more challenging from the INSIDE!! Now multiple lives are on the line and if our heroes lose all three tries, it’s game over. Prepare for a bit mapping bonanza in one of the most harrowing episodes to date…that still manages to be hysterical. BEWARE of SLEEPY SAM!!

The Monster : Lumpy Space Princess has gone full hobo, so her parents charge Finn and Jake with delivering her favorite she can keep up that fantastic figure. On their way, they find a village of tiny people set upon by a ravenous purple monster with a familiar sounding voice... (the extra dots add mystery)

Hitman : The Ice King, tired of countless humiliations at the hands of Finn and Jake, hires a hitman to slap them in the chops. He quickly realizes that isn’t exactly what hitmen do. Sooo…The Ice King wants to steal princesses to marry them and would love to defeat Finn and Jake but he draws the line at killing them? Interesting! He just wants to be loved. Too bad he smells funny and is super creepalicious.

The Creeps : An invite to a spooky mansion party turns into a murder mystery with a spectral menace as the culprit! Now it’s a race against time to defeat the horrors of this house..but not everyone is taking their peril seriously. Goofy overload in this episode, even though your favorite characters get knocked off left and right. ..and maybe the house wants to eat there’s that.

There should be no doubt in your mind that Adventure Time is if you are looking for cohesive stories, writing that doesn't devolve into ridiculousness and animation that follows rules of human anatomy and such...this is not the place for you. If you've had a hard day at work and just want to laugh at the antics of two best friends/ brothers who also happen to be a dog and a young boy who also happen to live in a magical sort of post-apocalyptic world with candy people, giant monsters, talking shrubbery, sword fights and so on, then give your brain some time off and settle in! Adventure Time is consistently, insanely funny with no social commentary I can locate and therefore, no great hidden meanings to unearth. Sometimes a dog shaking his butt is just a dog shaking his butt, and that is awesome! I'll also mention that as you get further into the series, you'll be treated to many catchy little songs, with "Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries" as your gate way drug. Think of it as a taste of things to come! "It Came from the Nightosphere" is your perfect entry into Adventure Time, so if you watch it and go berserk for it, I recommend gifting it to a friend when the full Season 1 DVD drops so you've got all those promised extras to look forward to. WIN WIN!Link

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