Sunday, April 15, 2012

Avengers Pre-Show: Diamond Select's Avengers Minimates & More

It's ALMOST HERE!!!! For those precious few lucky bastards across the US, the wait has ended and now your lives are empty and meaningless. For us happy, teaming masses, the wait is still an exquisite torture. SEE??!! WE ARE HAPPY WITH WAITING!! As we draw ever closer to the May 4th release date, we thought we'd dive head first into the killer merch all those Avengers licensees are pumping out as we speak.

UP FIRST!! With the reveal of the mysterious alien cohorts of Loki, Diamond Select thought it was time to show off the goods. Minimates are on the way...

Marvel Minimates Wave 45 (Specialty stores/comic shops)
- Captain America & Thor
- Iron Man MK7 & Hulk
- Loki's Army Foot Soldier & Maria Hill (exclusive)
- Loki's Army Foot Soldier & Loki's Army General (rare variant exclusive)

The Footsoldier, General and Maria Hill are only available at comic shops and specialty stores. Hit up and support your local nerdatorium! A little bird told us the alien mennace is the Marvel Comics Ultimate Universe version of the Skrulls (The Chitauri), all decked out for the film of course.

Marvel Minimates - The Avengers (Toys "R" Us/
- Captain America & Thor
- Iron Man MK7 & Hulk
- Hawkeye & Black Widow (exclusive)
- Loki & Nick Fury (exclusive)

Diamond Select also had some pretty items on display at C2E2 this weekend, but sadly, all our secret agents were occupied with domestic turbulence, frolicking in open fields and porn marathons (respectively), so these pics of the Marvel Select Loki's Army action figure, courtesy of Actionfigurepics will have to do.

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