Sunday, April 29, 2012

Super Best Friends Forever

If you get up early enough on Saturday Mornings, you are rewarded with DC NATION; WB's animation block for DC Comics featuring Green Lantern and Young Justice. Both shows are well made and written, but some days, it is the short cartoons in between that steal the spotlight. One such creation is a piece of animation starring Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Girl teaming up for adventure with a heaping side order of mischief in SUPER BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! The animation is crisp, the art style is fun and bursting with energy and the vocal work will make you fall in love in seconds...which is all you have, really, as these super shorts are...super..short. (Wokka) Check it out...

Mind blown?! It's like Powerpuff Girls with awesome DC Comics characters, right? If you loved this, do a quick google search for Plastic Man and Animal Man from DC Nation as well! Now..if we could get some of this genius to rub off on Marvel/ Disney who chose to overdub their classic cartoons in the most unfunny way possible as their interstitials...all would be right with the world!

DC Nation airs Saturday Mornings on Cartoon Network.

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