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San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : Mattel Exclusives

3 Months?? A little less? Must be time for SDCC EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! Hasbro drew first blood with reveals at Toy Fair 2012, and now Mattel jumps in with a giant chunk of their plastic awesome. Here's the skinny...

Masters Of The Universe Classics Vykron ($30) - If clothes make the He-Man®, then this pitch prototype for the 1982 lineup is destined to be the star of the MOTU 30th Anniversary celebration thanks to a choice of three outfits: barbarian, spaceman, and military warrior! You’ll get him in-package dressed as a barbarian only at SDCC , but you can find him here at after the show packed as a spaceman or military warrior (all three outfits are included regardless of where he’s purchased). Want to know more about this multi-purpose warrior? Set includes one “buck,” or figure, with three different outfits/helmets to interchange between space, military and barbarian looks. Hit the image above for the history of Vykron™!

DCU Tiny Titans ($20) - They may be minuscule, but they’re mighty! The core team of Tiny Titans is rendered in 1-1/2” scale in this 5-pack of collectible figures including Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy. Sidekick City Elementary is just a quick bus ride away with packaging featuring specially commissioned artwork from Tiny Titans’ series creator. The display base has both the official Tiny Titans logo and a “flight” stand just for Raven

DC Comics Vertigo Death ($25) - Some envision Death as a grim reaper or dark angel to be feared. But as created by Neil Gaiman for DC Comics’ line of Vertigo comics, the Sandman`s older sister is pretty, perky and always gets the job done. She`s been around since the beginning of time and is exactly the kind of girl you`ll want to follow into the unknown. Our 8” figure of Death wears her trademark ankh necklace and comes with a skull-themed display base.

Disney Pixar Cars Mater ($30) - This year’s Comic-Con vehicle captures the hilarious scene from Cars 2 when our beloved Mater finds himself in a Tokyo bathroom stall. Just like in the movie, Mater is surprised with flashing lights, catchy music, and a thorough scrub down! This memorable moment comes to life with moving side jets, as well as a jet that springs up to clean Mater’s undercarriage, lifting his back wheels off the floor. Covered in suds, Mater experiences hi-tech action unlike anything he’s ever seen in Radiator Springs!

Ghostbusters™ Dana as Zuul ($25) -“There is no Dana, only Zuul!” Our long-awaited 6” figure of Dana Barrett as Zuul from the first Ghostbusters™ features authentic, film-accurate sculpting right down to her golden gown. And, with two interchangeable lower bodies she can stand or, when she tires of waiting for the coming of Gozer, sit on the included bench display.

Polly Pocket® DC Comics Villains Set ($19.99) - It's a guaranteed adventure with this trio of comic-book character costumes for Polly® and her friends! Polly®, Lila® and Lea® arrive in a themed 3-pack dressed as their favorite DC Comics villains: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn.

Batman™ The Dark Knight Rises™ Movie Masters® Figure ($30) - When evil arises, so the Batman must return! This film-accurate version of our hero arrives in a special “lights and sounds” package featuring the Wayne Manor exterior and opens to reveal the Bat Cave stocked with protective battle armor and essential crime-fighting accessories.

Hot Wheels® Scooby-Doo!™ The Mystery Machine ($20) - Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Fred and Daphne would never be the meddlesome kids they are today without their trusty ride. Making its official Hot Wheels® debut at 2012 San Diego Comic-Con with a die-cast body and awesome deco, it’s like, groovy, man! And to make it even better, this rad ride comes in far out Scooby Snacks packaging so you can shake the box and hear the sound of a tempting treat.

Hot Wheels® K.I.T.T. Knight Industries Two Thousand ($40) : Keep your scanners peeled and head straight to the Hot Wheels® booth for the very special edition of K.I.T.T. coming to SDCC in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Knight Rider! This collector’s edition sits in an acrylic case nestled in distinctive Knight Industries packaging with scanner lights and three different iconic K.I.T.T. phrases.

Monster High® ($25) : Last July, fans everywhere voted for the next Monster High® character – online on Facebook, and live at Mattel’s booth at SDCC. It was a close vote between Headless Headmistress Bloodgood™, Scarah Screams™ and Daughter of Arachne. Scarah Screams™, daughter of the Banshee, won the fan vote and is excited to make her dreadful debut as the SDCC featured item for 2012. Ghostly gossip on the street is that she may be bringing a date to the party. Stop by the Monster High® booth at SDCC 2012 to find out!

Hot Wheels® Masters of the Universe® Volkswagen Drag Bus : Hot Wheels® honors the 30th anniversary of the Masters of the Universe® with this commemorative 1:18 scale Volkswagen Drag Bus. One of the most popular Hot Wheels® vehicles, it features a zinc body in Spectraflame® purple, silver VUM chassis, silver VUM exposed engine, and a special “MOTU 30” license plate. The custom deco chronicles the epic battle between arch rivals He-Man® and Skeletor®.

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