Thursday, April 19, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Merchapalooza

Here at Idle Hands, we like to show you the figures (large, small and teeny tiny), the busts, the statues, the bobblers and knockers (snicker) and everything in between. When a new comic movie drops, we are sure to see brand new merchandise to exploit the moment. When that movie is based on a powerhouse of the DC or Marvel Universe, you could literally bury yourself in the number of products bearing the film's logo and main character's face. We thought Batman would win that war this year. We thought wrong.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is turning out to be the clear winner this year with more product world wide than The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises combined. Damn, those Europeans sure do love the web head! Since most of these products were found on websites written in crazy alien languages, I can only show you the greatness without further explanation as to speaking, light up or vibrating features. Mores the pity. My favorite items include the buff spidey-chest laser tag set, the spidey game with little spidey thwip hands, the spidey advent calendar (because what says coundown to Christmas more than an irradiated spider super hero?), the all terrain spidey toddler attack vehicle and the spidey lab, in which you can recreate the experiment which gave Peter Parker his powers...or make gummy spiders? was in a foreign language and included no description even in said foreign Enjoy!

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