Monday, April 16, 2012

The Skinny on DC Collectibles

Those wacky guys Geoff Johns and Jim Fletcher were both on hand at C2E2 getting folks revved up about DC Direct's new name...DC Collectibles!!! yay. So what exactly is in store for the coming months (that we didn't already know about from Toy Fair?) Here's the rundown..

First off, Johns and Fletcher say the company is being "relaunched" to be more in synch with publishing, films, animation, video games and television projects. The goal is to be timely with releases, corresponding with these projects. The pair showed off their new translucent resin Dr. Manhattan Before Watchmen statue, based on art from Adam Hughes, stating there will be no radioactive or full monty giant blue penis versions of the statue to scar your children for life. More's the pity! Also on tap...

Dark Knight Returns Batman vs Superman Statue
DC Comics Hero Bust line Wonder Woman & Superman

We also heard about a New52 Wonder Woman statue we'd not seen before (on the left). Enjoy!

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