Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nathan Fillion Answers....Everything

On a clear day at the tail end of a crisp February, Nathan Fillion dropped everything he was doing and decided to answer questions on Twitter. ALL THE QUESTIONS. Nerdy folks far and wide quickly caught on and got their queries in. This is a sampling of that spontaneous Q and A.

  : how do u stop urself frm procrastinating?” I'll come back to this one.
  : why can't I make myself finish my novel?” Try blackmail.
 “: Expecting baby boy #2 in May. What should we name him?” Quinter.
 “: How can I persuade my mother to let me be a detective?” By finding some really great dirt on her.
 “: will you be my dad?” Yes. You're grounded. And wash my car.
 “: my friends are having a feud, how can i help?” Pick a side.
 “: Where are my car keys?” In your pants in the hamper.
 “: Why am i the most obvious superhero yet no one has found out my true identity?” Clark? Is that you?
 “: how do i get my dog to stop dragging his ass on the floor?” Express his anal gland.
 “: my ship crapped out in reaver space. Crew moral is low. What to do?” Sacrifice pilot.
 “: Why does my arm hurt?” Because you angered God.
 “: Do you want the rest of my french fries?” Yes.

: I'm bored what should I do?” Help the poor.

 “: I'm French. What should I do ?” Keep calm. Remember, to the French, all kisses are French kisses.

 “: I am going to LA. What do you suggest I pack?” Dignity.

 “: Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?” Because just like me, they long to be close to you.

 “: llama or cat ?” Cat. Llamas spit. Unless you're into that.

 “: Why can't I stop dancing?” You've got the music in you.

 “: Best things to do in and around Comic Con? Going for the first time this year! :)” Nerd Machine. Make friends.

 “: I have five kids and my husband wants another. Should I go for six?” At this point, what's the diff?

 “: who would win in a fight between an alligator and a t-rex?” They would never fight. They are natural bros.

 “: My mom is moving in with my wife, son and I. Ho do I handle this?” Bailey's in her coffee. And yours.

 “: I have an itch. Should I scratch it? It's itching.” Make an X on it with your nail.

and then there was a quick interlude from Steve Martin...

I am going to start announcing everything I do now as "highly anticipated." 
I am about to make my highly anticipated car ride into town to pick up lunch.
 “: What should I put on my rash?” Shame.

 “: Italian shitty political situation” Italians- stop yelling all the time.

 “: im 16 and pregnant...and a dude. Go!” Keep the baby. You're a miracle.

This went on for 73 hours. God Bless Nathan Fillion. You're doing the Lord's work.

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