Monday, February 4, 2013

Toy Fair 2013 : Character's Doctor Who, Scooby-Doo & More

OK we are going to fly through this article because I'm juggling 3 jobs including Toy Fair coverage for Idle Hands and I don't want to leave any UK Toy Fair coverage unpublished!!  Of course that means digging through some more somewhat fuzzy pictures if only for the sake of allowing those die hard collectors out there spot the things they've never seen before and droooool...and then demand better pictures of course. You're so needy. Let's just zip right through this, shall we?

SO! All of this info is just going to be me babbling about the pictures as the gentleman who sent them over took no notes and said he was lucky to be allowed to shoot any pictures at all only after mentioning there were pictures everywhere already. Smart boy that one. We'll kick things off with Doctor Who as Character Options celebrates the 50th Anniversary with Brit flag emblazoned Daleks and Limited Edition Iconic Scenes Collector Sets..which is a fancy name for PLAYSETS!!!  Yes, my friends, companies seem to finally be catching on that we demand environments in which we can make pew pew noises like we did when we were wee lil ones. Sure, they seem like just cardboard dioramas, but we'll take what we can get. Baby steps.

Character has their own building set branch called Character Building that has gone past the expected Doctor Who sets to bring a little originality and old fashioned gonzo fun to the brick game. Monsters Vs Zombies got my attention this year with goo covered playsets and glow in the dark figure gimicks. I'm a sucker for glowing monsters. Sets pictured include Sewer of Horror, Beast from the Bayou, Laboratory of Doom, the Crypt of Terror and Pirate Ship of the Damned. Here's some of the new creeps...


They'll be expending into new properties this year and will kick things off with Scooby-Doo!! Sets include Speedboat, Mystery Machine and Mystery Mansion. There are also single blind packed micro-figures which re-use some of the Monsters vs Zombies bits, but also add new molds to create iconic Scooby baddies. 5 packs will allow you to take some of the guess work out of collecting.

And of course some Character Building Doctor Who pics to round out the set!

We've still got some UK Toy Fair goodness to sort through as the companies begin to send us all their teasers and pre-show reveals, so keep checking back often and follow us on Twitter at or (if you want your news faster and don't mind mildly psycho chatter.)

You can also dive into our picture galleries as they go live RIGHT HERE!

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