Friday, February 8, 2013

Toy Fair 2013 : A MattyCollector Preview

With some ingenious sleuthing from our friends at, we get a look at all those awesome plastics awaiting us this Sunday...TODAY! Masters of the Universe, DC Comics, WWE, Batman, The Watchmen, She-Ra all wait for us with new figures to drool over and set aside entire paychecks for. ...And do I need to mention Castle Grayskull??!! Let's take a look at what is sure to be just a sampling of Sunday's event...

For Masters of the Universe/ She-Ra...We've got Batros, Castaspella, Icer, Mantenna, Shakoti, New Adventures He-Man and the massive prototype for Castle Grayskull!

And for DC Comics we've got The Watchmen's The Comedian, Fire and Huntress

And Entertainment Earth gives is a preview of Classic Batman Movie Masters...

Get this...that Batmobile is said to be IN SCALE with the 6 inch figure!!! Wow. Get ready for a 200 dollar price tag on that MattyCollector exclusive I'll bet.

So yea..not a lot..and not high rez pics..but it's a start. CLICK HERE for a few bits from WWE!

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