Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Toy Fair 2013 : Cheetara Joins Mezco's Thundercats

As heard at the Mezco Toy Fair preview "The most common remark followed by a question we get at shows..Wow..~insert name of newest TCats piece~ looks excellent. Are you going to do more?" Indeed..there were more..and on the shelves at Toys R Us no less! Where Bandai met with great difficulties with their classic and modern Thundercats action figure lines, Mezco has persevered and won the fluttering hearts of many a geek still holding their 80's cartoon loves on their collective sleeves.

This July, Cheetara (with ball jointed hips and her signature staff) joins Lion-O, Mumm-Ra and Panthro in Mezco's Deluxe Scale Thundercats Figure collection. Not much more to do but show you the eye candy!

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  1. My biggest wish in the world at the moment is that Bandai loses the license, and Mezco is free to scale these down to 7 inches.

    1. Bandai's Thundercats line has been over for some time now.