Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Toy Fair 2013 : Mezco's Axe Cop

Based on a webcomic that turned into a print comic that turned into a web based animation that turned into an animated tv show soon to be on Fox, Axe cop features some of the most outlandish characters ever seen. How outlandish? Well, besides the titular axe wielding cop, there is a t-rex with machine gun arms, an avacado unicorn, and soldiers made of poo. Mezco’s Drake indicated that Mezco has a long history of producing poo based characters and with their Mr Hanky of South Park they have cornered the poo toy market. “No other toy company besides Mezco will be offering three separate poo based characters in 2013 “ said Drake. Mezco will be producing both 3.75 inch figures and plush characters for the series.

You'll note this isn't the first time Mezco have taken on an Indie Comic, breathing life into an action figure series for The Goon some years back along side comic versions of Hellboy and company. One look at those, and these prototypes, and you'll agree any comic creator would consider themselves lucky to have Mezco crank out collectibles of their characters.

The Axe Cop Collectibles line includes...

3.75 inch Action figures:
Axe Cop
Avacado Soldier
Baby Man
Dr. Doo Doo and Doo Doo Soldier
Axe Cop and ride-able Wexter

Plush Toys:
Avacado Soldier

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