Saturday, February 2, 2013

Toy Fair 2013 : Mattel in the DC Universe

To some it would look like Mattel is winding down with their DC Comics action figure creations. To others, it may seem as if they had a whole new world to mine...and Elseworlds as well. Let's take a really quick look at some upcoming waves of super beings and the little bitty pieces of information we have to go with them. Now most of these figures will be old news to die hard DC figure fans, so why waste our time? A fellow named ws_toys on ebay has provided images of these figures in the final production stage..or at least close to it!

For the foreseeable future...and before the rain of new releases at the New York International Toy Fair, here's what we've got to look forward to...

DC Unlimited Wave 2: (March) Joining a just released New 52 Hawkman, Flash and Superman, we have...
New 52 Wonder Woman
Injustice: Gods Among Us Batman

DC Unlimited Wave 3: (April)
New 52 Aquaman
New52 Darkseid 
Injustice: Gods Among Us Superman
Injustice: Gods Among Us Joker

Batman Unlimited Wave 2: (April) Joining a just released New 52 Batman, New 52 Batgirl and a Super Powers styled Penguin, we have...
Planet X Batman with Batmite
Dark Knight Returns Batman

And just to make all things even...because..we say so...we give you..Vampire Batman...

We've still got a small mountain of UK Toy Fair goodness to sort through as the companies begin to send us all their teasers and pre-show reveals, so keep checking back often and follow us on Twitter at or (if you want your news faster and don't mind mildly psycho chatter.)

You can also dive into our picture galleries as they go live RIGHT HERE!

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  1. YES! I wanted those Bats! I have the DC Direct Vampire Batman and now I'll have a Mattel one as well.

    Hope they made the Green Lantern Batman, Gotham by Gaslight Batman and the Pirate one as well.