Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Toy Fair 2013 : Mezco's Creepy Kids and Cuddlers

Mezco is one of those companies founded on the backs of hard working horror fans...those that create the genius plastics and plush and those that pour their money into their creations to they too may celebrate their love of spooky in the comfort of their own homes. That said, it wouldn't be Toy Fair without Mezco showing off 2 to 3 lines of creepy collectibles! We'll start with their longest running doll line...Living Dead Dolls...

Living Dead Dolls Series 25 hits this May 2013 with...
Cracked Jack - What prize lies inside of this little boy's coffin? One that can be applied and eyed by others often.
Luna - By the light of the moon rises this once dead chick to unleash her bloody rage in silvery light.. she's a lunatic.
Gretchen - A plague claimed her life but still, she could not lie. This poor little peasant girl was just too busy to die.
Sospirare - The second of three sisters who pollutes our world. The offspring of a witch who had three little girls. Sospirare is also known as the black queen. Among Sighs and whispers is where she is seen.
Asa - Accusations of devil Worship sealed this beauty's fate so she cast an evil spell.. A curse of death and hate.

Series 26 seems to have a witchy theme...

Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales Volume 5 hits this July 2013 with a new take on old stories staring...
Little Miss Muffet and Little Bo Creep
Mez sez "The Scary Tales series is especially clever, puting a Silence Of The Lambs twist on Little Bo Peep and her lambs as well as making Miss Muffett a member of a gang called THE SPIDERS."

Living Dead Dolls presents PSYCHO!! Pending final approval, this set will include the iconic "Mother" of Norman Bates and his shower victim. I expect these are going to disappear quickly! Mez says "The dolls will depict both Norman/ Mother and Marion. Mezco did extensive research to get the pattern of Mother’s dress right."

Living Dead Dolls Dracula will hit October of 2013, joining the previously released Frankenstein and The Bride.

Living Dead Dolls Blind Box 2 inch figurines series 3 are set to include..
Deadbra Ann
Dee K

We also thought we might take a look at Mezco's Creepy every little creep needs a friend!
Series 3 of their Zombie Plush (August 2013) will include a Werewolf Cat, chewed upon Zombie Penguin and a gnawed at Mega Bear. They'll also be unleashing a 12 inch MEGA DEATH MITTENS!! Best. Plush. Name. Ever.

Cinema of Fear continue with their own 8 inch Creepy Cuddler additions including Chucky from Child's Play and the puppet from Saw.

We'll take the horror filled moment to mention Mezco also had their Universal Monsters on display once again and with it, the promise we will be able to BUY THEM!! Frankenstein 9 inch and 18 inch figures were released in 2012 and The Creature from the Black Lagoon 9 inch figure is said to be next in line.

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  1. I really liked your blog, appreciate the great information about toys for kids.

  2. I made a compiled post of Scary dolls that are best for Halloween pranks. Still, Chucky Doll is the spookiest of all!

  3. you did perfect on chucky but on jigsaw i feel like thare is something wrong.