Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Toys Hitting Stores Early *UPDATED 2/25

There has to be a better way, right? In the history of toy lines made for upcoming films, has there ever been a street date that was a 100% lock? Everyone in the world respecting the street date and maintaining whatever reveal marketing has planned? No? Didn't think so. We have no idea if there is a street date on the side of the boxes for the second modern Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film "Out of the Shadows", but we suspect there is, and it's been blown in record time.

It was only days ago when we spotted the tiniest glimpse of TMNT movie product through a gap in the wall at the Playmates booth at New York Toy Fair, but when we got inside, it was made clear those items were under wraps. The movie studio's plan is to reveal the line at Wondercon next month, right before they hit shelves across the country. Today...some folks are finding them at Walmart. Go Murica.

Thanks to our buddy James Murphy, we've got a really good look at the action figures of Bebop, Rocksteady and the robot that got us ridiculously excited for the newest movie...KRAANG!! If I'm not mistaken, this may be the first time we are seeing the Kraang alien out of the robot body and can confirm it is completely and utterly faithful to the comics and classic cartoon series.

We'll update this article as more bits of news drop, so keep checking back!

UPDATE 1: David Crosby dropped half a paycheck at retail and bought himself Bebop, Rocksteady, Shredder, a Foot Soldier, all four Turtles and THE TECHNODROME. You'll note that all our notes on the TMNT re-designs were taken to heart...

Shredder is less...pointy
Foot Soldiers look less like faceless mercenaries and more like faceless ninja
Splinter looks less like a Henson creature shop puppet looking for the Dark Crystal and more like a rat. Check out the comparison between the last movie action figure and the new Movie 2 version

Here's a shot of the Krang alien from the side showing he's got a bit of brain stem going on...

Also note:
Mikey comes with his souped up hover board (we knew that was coming)
Donnie comes with his drone (most of you knew that was coming)

Annnnd...TECHNODROME!!! Obviously the first picture is a comparison between the two designs. Don't get excited. The giant eyeball is not going to be on screen...much to my dismay.

UPDATE: 2-25
James Murphy checks in again to give us a better look at the Kaang (now oddly with TWO a's) robot with alien you can pop in his belly (and I will dare you to not scream GET IN MA BELLEH!! as you do this). We've also got a better look at the initial action figure release lineup from the back of the package showing at least one look from the Halloween Party scene shot in New York last year.


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