Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Toy Fair 2016: Bandai's Miraculous

Filled with action, comedy and adventure, Miraculous Ladybug is the only authentic, modern every-girl superhero. Her good character is girl and mom approved and the toy line will inspire every girl to save the day. Miraculous™: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir premiered this past fall in the United States on Nickelodeon and will roll-out globally, in 120+ markets over the next three months. SPOTS ON!

The Miraculous toy product line is targeting girls 4-8 years old with the toys delivering key themes of aspirational action play (Ladybug’s World), transformation (BE Miraculous) and friendship (Marinettte’s World). The line launches globally in Fall 2016.

Action Dolls:
With a line of Action Dolls girls can recreate Ladybug’s World in their homes with aspirational action play. Our superhero Ladybug and her partner Cat Noir use various actions to stop the evil-doers in Paris, and with the full line of action dolls you too can stop the evil-doers in your home!Ages 4+

Allows girls to recreate key “flying”scene
Easy mechanism by pulling cord and watch her fly away to the Miraculous theme song
Watch Ladybug fly off the Eiffel Tower

Jump & Fly Ladybug allows girls to recreate Ladybug’s iconic crouch and jump action from the TV series. Retractable string helps Ladybug jump and swing.

By squeezing Cataclysm Cat Noir’s legs, girls can recreate his iconic cataclysm scene.

Role Play:
Girls can “BE Miraculous” and transform from to everyone’s favorite every girl Marinette into superhero Ladybug.
Ages 4+

Total set for both Marinette and Ladybug
Girls can be Marinette with her purse and light-up Tikki

Girls can then transform into Ladybug with her compact (reverses out from Marinette’s purse), mask, gloves
and earrings

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  1. How can I buy this? I want purse and Tikki

  2. I NEED THESE! Any ideas on the prices of these toys?

  3. The action figure is $9.00 and there are fashon dolls are $20.00 too the two pack of ladybug and chat $29.00

  4. The action figure is of ldybug and chat noir and marinette and adrien is $9.00 in the filipens is 500 pesos the dolls is $20.00 two pack $30.00

  5. donde se pueden comprar estos juguetes???

  6. Hi I'm asking if when will the ladybug merchandise open in Singapore? Just asking ��

  7. i need the marinette purse asap!

  8. Hi I need to buy this kit ( mask, gloves and earring) how can I do? How much cost? tks

  9. Hi I'm in Spain. Pls where can i buy these toys??? I looked 4 it all time but i cant find it.

  10. i'm brazilian, and wanna t buy the colection

  11. its not out yet it will come out at fall

  12. I think I'm finna nut