Thursday, February 11, 2016

Toy Fair 2016: Jakks Pacific Warcraft Movie Toys "Live" Images

As we creep closer to NY Toy Fair 2016, reports are coming in from every place you could imagine. It seems Jakks Pacific got their Warcraft movie toys out to retail about 3 minutes after we profiled them here on Idle Hands, and our friend Marvin Camua was nice enough to snap a pile of pictures for us. We feel pictures like this are important, as the official pictures are always going to show you the best possible image of toys, most likely hand painted by industry artists. It's not til these toys see mass production that we can REALLY see what we'll actually be able to buy on store shelves. With the Warcraft line, it's pretty much what we expected...

A little less paint, a little less detail and a bit of softening in those sculpts is evident. I'd be most interested to see if the Orcs scale well next to the humans, which is to say I WANT MASSIVE ORCS, IF YOU PLEASE! If they are the same size, I can't say i'd be very interested in the line. If they barely come in at 6 inches, they sure won't be towering over my Lord of the Rings and McFarlane Medievely figures at all.

To recap, Jakks is currently cranking out...

Mini Figure 2-packs :
Durotan vs Alliance Soldier
Lothar vs Horde Warrior
Lothar vs Garona
Alliance Soldier vs Horde Warrior

Mini Figure Battle Pack with Blackhand and a Frostwolf Vs Lothar and a Gryphon

6 inch Action Figures:

Roleplay Weapons:
Axe of Durotan

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