Friday, February 5, 2016

Toy Fair 2016: Mezco's One:12 Collective Impresses On All Levels

Last year, if you would have asked a seasoned collector to point at the most impressive action figure line of the moment, you would probably see many a finger pointed squarely at the Hot Toys 12 inch lines. This year, not only do they have a great deal of competition in their own category, but Mezco has stepped up with their One:12 Collective line and looks to raise our expectations, forcing the rest of the pack to re-think what a quality collector product should look like.

Redesigning the 6" scale figure category by combining posable action figures with real cloth outfitting, in a similar fashion to the 1/6th scale and larger collectibles. Mezco's One:12 Collective line will present a multitude of different characters from numerous brands.

Combining superior sculpting with an abundance of articulation, the One:12 Collective figures feature over 32 points of articulation, capable of over 40,000 possible poses: combining form and function to create a remarkably realistic aesthetic. Digitally sculpted by the industry's finest artists and painstakingly engineered by Mezco's production team is a state of the art collectible that holds up to real play.

So far we've seen releases of a DC Comics Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns Batman and Mutant Gang Leader and Judge Dredd, who is soon to be able to rip through the badlands on his Lawmaster. Mezco has shown off Spock and Sulu from Star Trek, Batman vs Superman figures, DC Comics' The Flash and Superman, Hanna Barbera's Space Ghost and Universal Monsters Frankenstein! Today, we'll show you a little more...

Marvel Comics: 
Captain America July 2016

Punisher October 2016

Daredevil November 2016

DC Comics:
Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman July 2016


Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Armored Batman July 2016

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman August 2016

DC Comics Shazam August 2016

DC Comics Professor Zoom September 2016

DC Comics Green Arrow October 2016

DC Comics Superman December 2016

Star Trek:
Spock May 2016

Sulu June 2016

Captain Kirk July 2016

Universal Monsters:
Frankenstein September 2016

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