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Toy Fair 2016: Big Chief Studios on Penny Dreadful, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Danger Mouse & More

2015 was a hell of a year for cloth action figures! In a category where Hot Toys pretty much dominated for many years with smaller scaled figures being MEGO reproductions or new items in the same style, we've now got a whole new ballgame with NECA and Mezco hitting mass retail with amazing, quality product. Across the pond, our friends at Big Chief Studios prefer to stick to the traditional 12 inch format and wows with every release, making many a Doctor Who fan's dreams come true while also filling the wish lists of Sherlock fans. This year, we also get a look at Penny Dreadful 12 inch action figures as well as some Danger Mouse merchandise, on display at Spring Fair in the UK. Let's get into it...

Images courtesy of  Jenny Wilson  and Matt from Jedinews

We'll start with Sherlock, featuring in progress sculpts from "The Abominable Bride" and the infamous front door of 221B Baker Street.

221B Entrance
1:6 Scale Figure Dioramas
Arguably the most famous front door in London, other than No. 10, 221B Baker Street is home to the world’s only consulting detective - Sherlock Holmes. Behind the black door of this fairly unassuming flat on a regular street, Sherlock and Dr. John Watson can be found working on solving their latest case. BIG Chief Studios are proud to announce the 221B Entrance 1:6 Scale Diorama Environment, officially licensed by Hartswood Films Ltd. Countless hours of research went into the creation of the diorama, detailed measurements were recorded for every stone, every panel of the door, the doorsteps and railings. Faithfully reproduced down to the smallest detail, the diorama perfectly recreates the aged and weathered look of the actual filming location. With a movable door knocker, opening letterbox, realistic metal railings and an internal lamp that light’s up behind the window, the diorama is the perfect set piece to display your Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson 1:6 scale collector figures.

Penny Dreadful Collectibles on the way!
Initial product offerings will include highly detailed 1:6 scale collector figures of the main characters from the show including: Vanessa Ives (Eva Green); Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) and Sir Malcolm Murray (Timothy Dalton). The figures will be fully articulated for maximum poseability and will feature authentic hand-painted character portraits, finely tailored costuming, signature accessories and display bases. The range will be expanded with additional figures of the show’s other popular characters including: Victor Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway); the Creature (Rory Kinnear) and Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney), plus others.

Next we'll check out some brand new items from Danger Mouse!

And last but not least, Doctor Who! The next pre-order for Doctor Who is Clara Oswald, followed by the War Doctor (John Hurt).

We also caught s glimpse of a Gladiator figure with a mind blowing face sculpt for Russell Crowe, but I believe it's not ready to show off yet. SOOOON. Items should soon be available in the states again and pre-orders can always be secured via Big Chief directly!

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