Friday, May 13, 2016

Ghostbusters 2016: Meet Ms. Slimer, The Ever Changing Face of Rowan & More

Do I need to say SPOILERS AHEAD?? Be aware.. SPOILERS BE HERE!! We are still just over 2 months away from the release of the female lead Ghostbusters movie reboot, and as is custom, the toys have hit shelves in full force! As is also custom (at least lately), Mattel has packed those shelves with plenty of surprises in the form of toys we didn't even get a hint at while covering Toy Fair 2016. Among the new toys you'll find a series of classic Ghostbusters Ecto Mini figures in blind bags, alongside the Ghostbusters 2016 movie Ecto Minis we only previously saw in figure three packs. To recap, the ghosts in this mini figure series are all translucent (and if the packaging is to be believed, glow in the dark!), allowing you to pop one into the proton pack and project its image onto a nearby surface. To add to the fun, we've now found a Ghost Trap Playset (which gives us an awesome look at the new trap design) that not only stores figures and can be a prop replica, but also can be a neat backdrop for your Ecto Minis, complete with a "secret ghost compartment" which looks like the Containment Unit! We've also spotted Slime Containers that come with one Ecto Mini figure in a tube, topped with a Slimer sculpted top. It's here that we spotted a new addition we've only mentioned in passing round Toy Fair time. Meet Ms. Slimer!!

We'll note this is also the first time we are seeing anything pink in the Ghostbusters 2016 line, so it's double amusing it's on a container of slime with a ghost in it. Take that, pink aisle.

The Slime Container line is said to include Winston, Ms. Slimer and Rowan (the new film's baddie), at the very least, but coming in a pack of 12, we expect there might be a couple more we haven't heard about or spotted.

Speaking of Rowan, we've spotted a new transformation for the 2016 film's ultimate baddie! You'll remember we first introduced him somewhere in between his upgrades, looking much like the logo ghost we all know and love. We then spotted him as a cute, unassuming little ghost who was then seemingly captured, perhaps becoming the inspiration for the logo. The release of the Rowan light up figure listed him as "The Destroyer", with the only difference between this 10 dollar version and the Build-A-Figure being clenched fists (which suggested to us he would be large and smashy). Now, online listings seem to show a far more monstrous Rowan...

He's even got a tail!! Crazy. Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15th! Mattel's Ghostbusters figures, toys and role play items are in stores now.

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