Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Steampunk World's Fair Returns May 13-15th

The Steampunk World's Fair ( comes roaring back into the heart of Piscataway, New Jersey this May 13th through 15th as one of the most unique and memorable events on the East Coast celebrates its 7th season. 

This year's event hosts a veritable cabal of international performers, a sea of vendors providing temptations for miles, a packed schedule guaranteed to both titillate and educate and a series of special events that will keep you smiling from ear to ear for months to come!

The Steampunk World's Fair 2016 Highlights Include:
  • Absinthe Heroes: A Steampunk Rock Opera
    Darkly humorous and adventurous with healthy helpings of wit, dash, daring... and chocolate! Its musical score was written by our acclaimed headliner Psyche Corporation. Absinthe Heroes has been described as “a riotous blending of the ridiculous and the sublime”; “mad science in theatrical form”, and “A Steampunk rollercoaster.”
  • Terrance Zdunich and Saar HendelmanThe creative madmen behind The Devil's Carnival come home to the event they were born to attend! With them comes a shadowcast performance/screening of Repo! The Genetic Opera, a screening of The Devil's Carnival and a preview of their newest work entitled American Murder Song!
  • Splendid Teapot Racing
    One takes a favorite teapot, adds a radio controlled chassis, and then runs it through a prescribed course of candlesticks, fine china, and of course, the Ramp of Doom. Mayhem then ensues. Open to anyone!
  • Galia’s Slightly Perilous Children’s Wonderland
    Under the slightly wacky guidance of our own fabulous Galia, kids can practice their best tea party manners with a picnic on the lawn, play story building games, master mischief making, construct mysterious devices and more!
  • Experience music from all corners of the globe with Steam Powered Giraffe, This Way to the Egress, Frenchy and the Punk, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, Ingimar Oddsson and many more! You'll also find buskers around every corner, so one might say there's no escaping fantastic musics at the Steampunk World's Fair!
  • A Giant Robot Named Iris
    Yes. We have a giant robot. Want to take a picture next to a giant robot?

With panels on famous literature (and featuring famous international authors!), fashion, self defense and the supernatural, workshops teaching the finer points of hula hooping, tea tasting, dancing and ray gun building, book exchanges, trinket swaps, a maze of vendors with a dizzying array of wares and our fairgrounds populated with the finest ladies and gentlemen dressed in some of the most creative costumes you'll ever see, the Steampunk World's Fair is sure to pack your day with memories that will never leave you.

Our full schedule of events is available here -
Tickets for general admission (day or weekend) and special events are available here -

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