Monday, May 2, 2016

It's New Ghostbusters Toy Day!!

Today was the official street date of Mattel's new Ghostbusters toys based on the upcoming, female lead film. And sure...the street date was fairly useless as people have been buying the toys for weeks now....BUT IT'S STILL FUN!! ...Especially because it's new Ghostbusters toys. Can you tell I love Ghostbusters? Yea, just a little bit. Idle Hands hit a few toy isles today in search of all that Mattel had to offer from the Ghostbusters movie reboot toy lines and we hit pay dirt. Let's run down the goods and some little bits of info they as usual..SPOILER ALERT!!


Three packs of mini figures retail for around $9.99. So far 4 three packs should be out on pegs. The idea is that you pop the mini figures into the Proton Pack projector, which projects an image of your little plastic, translucent ghost buddy onto a nearby wall. This line gives us the first good look at the movie's main villain Rowan in his most innocent looking form, and perhaps the moment when he is captured by the Ghostbusters and VOWS REVENGE!!! Also among the sets is the Library Ghost from the movie trailer and a Slimer with a face full of hot dogs, which is sure to be the most sought after piece.

Proton Pack Projector - $29.99

Ecto Mini Ecto-1 - $19.99
The gimmick here is a light up driver's seat. Since the Ecto-1 at this scale is meant to work with the Ecto Mini Figures, we can assume you plug the other minis into the car and they'll light up too. Of course, I could be wrong..but it seems like a safe assumption.

$19.99 Action Figures
At this price point we get all 4 of the Ghostbusters from the 2016 movie and all come packed with a Rowan build a figure piece or two. Note that this Rowan looks slightly different from the Rowan figure they are selling separately...which we will show you next!

$9.99 Action Figures
This wave contains three monsters that light up; Mayhem, Rowan and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! Film creators mentioned that they worked hard to get the most iconic original movie visuals into the 2016 film, so people had been speculating as to how Stay Puft will appear, with some grimacing at the possibility of him being a giant attacking mass of fluff once more at the film's finale. Stay Puft's packaging says he is a "Balloon Ghost"...sooo...maybe he'll be in a parade as a mascot for the fictional, popular snack food? Even the look of the figure suggests he is a blow up creation. Interesting to see what happens there, but i'm not expecting much more than a cameo. The real focus is sure to be on Rowan. We had speculated that him having two figures, with one of those showing him with clenched fists suggests that is his giant form, ready to cause maximum chaos. Sure enough, the light up Rowan figure lists him as "The Destroyer". It still does not spell out the finale of the film, but it seems to strongly suggest it. A look at the back of the packaging would also suggest that these three monsters are meant to be used along with the mini figure line, and so their larger scale comes into play, towering over the little GB figures. Of's just toys...but we'll find out soon enough.
NOTE: Expect that 10 dollar Stay Puft to disappear from stores super quick!

Ecto Ghosts
My favorite of the bunch! Grab the little monster and give him a squeeze, sending a bubble out of an eye socket with an eyeball along for the ride. Adorable. I wish these were slightly harder plastic to make them more of a figural collectible (and sort of like Ghostbusters Madballs!!), but they are what they are.

Electronic Slimer - $19.99
Utilizing a little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy technology, Mattel releases a Slimer that allows the owner to pull on his stretchy tongue which triggers sound that increases in pitch the more u pull the tongue! Let his tongue go and Slimer responds to the indignity he just suffered. This one's a keeper.

Hot Wheels 2 Vehicle Pack - $9.99

We had previously learned that there is a second wave of "deluxe" action figures in black packaging, featuring the "original" Ghostbusters, but those don't seem to have surfaced yet. Word is they are Walmart we'll be on the lookout!

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  1. This was an inspirational post. I had no desire to buy any GB figures, but now I might be obsessed!

  2. Wonder if there will be another wave of action figures that appeal to the masses in the 9.99 range? Our Walmart is selling these out pretty well but thought if they want this to be a success, there should be a 9.99 line of the actual ghostbusters. Also any word on a new regular size Ecto-1 for the figures?

    1. No plans for 9.99 old movie gb crew, def no plans for a 6 inch scaled ecto-1. Sorry!

  3. Hey! Thanks for this excellent post. I grabbed two pictures of the Ecto Ghosts to use in a blog post on my site. I credited you guys but if you have any issue with it, please let me know! Thanks again for quality photos and anot informative post.