Friday, May 20, 2016

The UK Ghostbusters Trailer #2 May Change Your Mind seems everything done to market the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters has been met with some....anger? Maybe unchecked rage is more appropriate? From my POV, it's been less about a female lead GB movie (all the women in this film are awesome in my book) and more about film makers that stuck with a very specific mold to pour the GB story into...that being Bridesmaids. The first trailer pretty much assured us that if you didn't like the movie Bridemaids, you were probably not going to be into this film, which sucks for Ghostbusters fans who just want the legacy to continue. The second trailer didn't do much to change people's minds on that point as we witnessed further lines delivered via screaming and an ocean of ghosts which all pretty much look the same (and really CGI'd into the ground." NOW comes a third trailer from the UK...and it just might change your mind...

OK so quick recap...Here's trailer 1...

Out of the gate they went for your heartstrings. The 30 years ago crap means nothing, since this is a reboot, but..whatever. And then..gross out joke..yelling..slapstick..yea.


...with...more of the same...just new jokes...and not very good ones. They must really think the gross out scene with the projectile ectoplasm is their funniest bit.

TRAILER 3 from the UK crew... why does this trailer work so much better? Yes, the jokes here are stronger, but even the Patty joke with the Mayhem ghost on her back seems funnier!! Just good editing and pacing I suppose! At any rate, this version makes me a little more hopeful that I won't leave the theater with a headache from trying to force myself to like the movie. The character are 100 times more sympathetic, the screaming is at a minimum and there is no pelvic thrusting. Genius. I'm still dreading what the movie's main villain Rowan will be like...but that is bitching best left for when I have something to bitch about.

Ghostbusters is in theaters July 15th. PREPARE YOURSELVES!!

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  1. You're right, this is a much, much better trailer! The humor really worked for me in this one. I think my biggest issue with the trailer is that I've always felt that the original Ghostbusters was a sci-fi/ horror film with situational humor and comedic actors in it while this feels like a comedy with sci-fi/ horror elements. This trailer feels much more in-line with the tone I'd prefer to see. I'm definitely interested to see what we get with this film and this trailer gives me a bit more hope.