Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Horror Rocker Mama Doom's Bleeding Garden

Mama Doom Bleeding Garden
Horror Inspired, MAMA DOOM proudly premieres their latest "Bleeding Garden" video with  OUTBURN.COM.  Drummer Anne Terror says "We had such a blast making this video. Another DIY collaboration with (my very own) Gratuitous Productions. We dug a little deeper into using more post production tools with editing stop motion and we were then able to achieve some of the twitchier skeletal sequences throughout. Also, by using overlays and multiple video images concurrently allowed us to add a little more texture and depth too. Paying homage to the A Giallo/Argento approach our use of alternative lighting let the intensity build along with the track which had a crescendo effect. All in all, we were pretty stoked with how the whole thing came together."

 D Lolli adds "Having an in-house production company is fantastic because it allows us to experiment, all while having fun creating videos. Our recent Ring the Bell video, lacked blood, so we aimed for a messier approach this time. I have a vivid memory of dried coffee being poured down my throat I was dry heaving and making a mess on the floor in between takes. Nothing screams we’re having a good time like vomit on the floor. The song is quirky and fun, centered around a garden that feeds on human flesh. To capture this, we decided to use stop motion to make the vines appear to swallow us whole. Over the past few years, I've learned that filming a music video is much like songwriting: it's all about trying new things and seeing where you end up." 

MAMA DOOM in collaboration with Gratuitous Productions is celebrating their 2024 Purgatory Pictures Film Festival UK Winner for Best Music Video award for "Man Parts." The "Man Parts" video is also an Official Selection for the 2023 Hudson Valley Film Festival and the 2024 Etreum Horror Film Fest International. MAMA DOOM shares "Thrilled is an understatement. We are honored to not only be an official selection for this film fest, but to have the recognition as best music video is a real gas! We put literal blood and sweat into the production and are honored to be included among the other amazing selections."

MAMA DOOM just wrapped up recording their fourth release at NADA studios in Hudson Valley, NY.

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