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Call of Duty x Fallout Bundle Available June 20

Call of Duty x Fallout Bundle Available June 20
War… war never changes. Rise to the surface and face your enemies in a brand-new collaboration with the post-apocalyptic Fallout series. Deploy as one of four Task Force 141 vault dwellers — including Price, Ghost, Soap, and Gaz — with Vault-Tec enhanced Weapon Blueprints and other Fallout-themed items for use in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III, Call of Duty: Warzone™, and Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile.

The Tracer Pack: Fallout Vault Dweller Bundle features over 15 items and is available June 20. Read on for full info on the Bundle’s contents along with a list of further rewards earnable through the in-game Fallout: Vault Dwellers Event going live at 10AM PT on June 20 through 8AM PT June 26.


Purchase the Tracer Pack: Fallout Vault Dweller Bundle to immediately unlock the following in-game items:

  • Two Fallout-Themed Weapon Blueprints

Survive against the worst of the wasteland with two new Weapon Blueprints featuring Vault-Tec Tracers and V.A.T.S. Death Effect.

Equip the “Vault-Tec Approved” M16 Weapon Blueprint with two Aftermarket Parts: the JAK Cutthroat Stock offering an unrivaled combination of speed and stability while aiming down sights, plus the JAK Patriot Conversion Kit which transforms the M16 into a fully automatic rifle with superior recoil control and firing aim stability. 

Accompanied by a 45 Round Mag plus two attachments improving handling and recoil control, this is the ideal weapon for lasering down foes from a distance.

For closer fights, opt for the “Atomic Disintegrator” HRM-9 Weapon Blueprint geared for sustained combat in close quarters. With a 50 Round Drum Magazine plus thermal target identification, improved accuracy and recoil control, and extended range, this SMG configuration is ideal for aiming down sights with the ability to compete out to the mid-range.

Call of Duty x Fallout Bundle Available June 20 01

Plus Four Operator Skins, Six Loading Screens, and More

The Fallout Bundle also features a “Vault 141” Operator Skin for Price, Ghost, Soap, and Gaz plus six Loading Screens and more. The full list of included content is as follows:

  • Four “Vault 141” Operator Skins
  • “Atomic Disintegrator” HRM-9 Weapon Blueprin
  • “Vault-Tec Approved” M16 Weapon Blueprint
  • “Let’s Do This!” and “Fatman” Charms
  • “Wasteland Workshop” Calling Card
  • “You’re Special” Large Decal
  • “Vault-Tec Engineer” Emblem
  • “Nuka-Cola Spacer” Sticker
  • Six Loading Screens including “Nuka-Cola,” “Please Stand By,” “Survivors’ Journey,” “Sanctuary Hills,” “Vault 141,” and “Restoring Democracy”


Don’t miss the in-game Fallout: Vault Dwellers Event appearing alongside the Bundle, featuring challenges across Multiplayer, Zombies, and Call of Duty: Warzone. Use any of the Vault Dweller Skins during the Vault Dwellers Event for an additional XP boost. Earn additional Fallout-themed cosmetic items like the “New California Republic” Large Decal, “Nuka-Cola Caps” Emblem, “Slocum’s Joe” Sticker, “Nuka-Cola” Charm, and the “Nuka-Cola Quantum” Weapon Camo. 

The Fallout: Vault Dwellers Event begins at 10AM PT on June 20 and ends at 8AM PT June 26.

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