Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Scythe Dev Team Reveals Unhinged Movie-Goer VR Adventure, DEEP CUTS

Scythe Dev Team's VR DEEP CUTS
Publisher tinyBuild and developer Scythe Dev Team, the masterminds behind Happy’s Humble Burger Farm, revealed Deep Cuts, a cinematic horror VR rescue mission, during today’s UploadVR Showcase. Deep Cuts will arrive later this year on Meta Quest, with Steam VR and PSVR 2 support coming in 2025.

Following the success of Happy’s Humble’s Burger Farm, Scythe and tinyBuild return with yet another exhilarating horror experience, this time blending it with classic cinema in an all-new way only achievable in VR. Plunge into a messy physics-based action gameplay with highly interactive worlds, a hair-raising atmosphere, and a rich narrative.

Lights, camera, action! Filmmaker Elise Weber and best friend/creative partner Malcolm Micheaux enjoyed an illustrious career until their villainous cartoon creations went mad. As Elise, explore the Lights Camera Faction studio premises in hopes of saving Malcolm. Enter a series of blockbuster worlds based on the duo’s extensive film catalog alongside Bowie, the only sane cartoon character left. 

Take Elise right into the heart of a movie set. Survive the ‘80s horror-inspired “Forsaken Festival”, fend off creatures in the ‘70s space thriller “Origin Drill”, or take a stroll through the Wild West in “Bastard Town”. 

Each blockbuster world contains numerous interactable objects – grab a boom mic for an improvised weapon, fire off a prop machine gun, and discover hidden lore secrets. Solve intricate puzzles with the help of time manipulation abilities, and embrace the power of an ultimate Film Director!

“With Deep Cuts, we've harnessed every inch of the Meta Quest hardware to create an unmatched experience, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the physical VR medium,” said Kaleb Alfadda, Principal Technical Engineer, Director & Founder, Scythe Dev Team. “Our team meticulously optimized every aspect to ensure fluid performance and rich, detailed environments that truly bring the game to life. We're excited to offer players an experience that fully exploits the potential of the hardware, setting a new bar for standalone VR.”

Deep Cuts premiers on Meta Quest later in 2024, with Steam VR and PSVR 2 following suit in 2025. It will support the English language.

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