Friday, June 14, 2024

How to Draw Eerie and Enchanting Japanese Ghouls and Monsters

YOKAI BESTIARY how to draw book

Learn how to draw a bestiary of supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore, and discover their origins as you go.

Yokai is a Japanese term for mystical beings that encompasses a range of supernatural phenomena, including demons, monsters, ghosts, and shapeshifters. Sometimes cute, sometimes frightening, but always enchanting, the creatures are often at the center of popular anime and manga stories.

In Yokai Bestiary (Wellfleet Press | September 10, 2024 | $24.99), learn how to draw 35 types of yokai while learning the folklore behind them.

Created for artists of all skill levels, this step-by-step drawing book shows you how to block in major shapes, provide proper shading to give dimension and depth to your drawings, and draw small but culturally significant details. Among the yokai types, you’ll learn to draw:

  • Kitsune, fox demons with multiple tails
  • Kappa, reptile-like spirits with a turtle's shell on their backs
  • Tengu, monsters with bird-like characteristics
  • Kodama, tree spirits 
  • Nekomata, cats with two tails 
  • And many more! 

With both drawing instruction and Japanese mythology to engage your mind, Yokai Bestiary will transport you to a fantastical land of beasts and spirits.

YOKAI BESTIARY how to draw book pages 001

YOKAI BESTIARY how to draw book pages 001

Yokai Bestiary publishes September 10, 2024.

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