Monday, June 10, 2024

"I Accidentally Summoned a Demon Boyfriend" by Jessica Cage

Bestselling Author Jessica Cage has enchanted readers once again with her latest release, "I Accidentally Summoned a Demon Boyfriend"!

"The last few projects I put out were heavy. They had dark themes and lots of layers to dig through," says Jessica. "I wanted to tap into my old dreams of writing a Rom Com. But of course, I had to keep the fantasy element!!"

In this spellbinding tale, protagonist Rayna, the last single friend in her group, finds herself tired of being stood up by her friends and turns to her first love, a book, for solace. However, a drunken decision to cast a spell from her favorite romance novel unleashes unforeseen consequences as she accidentally summons a brooding demon boyfriend, Metice. Now, Rayna must navigate the challenges of severing the magical bond with Metice if she ever hopes to regain her normal life.

Rayna is a witty yet romantically challenged woman, who discovers an unexpected solution to her love life woes within the worn pages of a mysterious romance novel. In a moment of desperate curiosity, she recites an incantation hidden within its paragraphs, unknowingly summoning Metice, a demon with a haunting past and a set of enemies who will hunt her down to get revenge.

As Rayna grapples with her devilishly handsome companion, she soon realizes that her misstep has dire consequences. Metice, burdened by a duty to safeguard Rayna from his adversaries, battles his own tumultuous history while guarding her against dangers lurking in the supernatural realm.

Caught between an otherworldly attraction and the impending threats closing in, Rayna and Metice embark on an exhilarating journey filled with unexpected alliances and forbidden emotions. As they navigate through a whirlwind of magical confrontations and growing affection, they discover that the line between peril and passion is thinner than they ever imagined.

"I wanted to give my readers a break from the weight of topics like familial trauma and systemic oppression," says Cage. "This project is fun, sexy, and in my biased opinion, hilarious! Even though he’s a demon, it’s a healthy type of love." Cage continues.

Readers can order their copy through online platforms such as Amazon and direct from

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