Friday, June 7, 2024

Kristala, the Cat Powered RPG, Out Meow on Steam Early Access

Kristala Dark Fantasy Action RPG 001

Get ready to unleash your inner cat warrior as independent developer Astral Clocktower Studios announces that Kristala, a Dark Fantasy Action RPG, is now available in Early Access on Steam

Embark on an epic journey as a feral warrior blessed with the titular gift of Kristala, who must harness the power of six unique magic specialties. Featuring challenging combat, acrobatic parkour, and immersive exploration, Kristala’s souls-like combat features a well-timed combination of parries, blocks, and weapon abilities.

Kristala offers seven episodes, all available via a one-time purchase, with each providing 2 to 6 hours of gameplay, depending on overall experience with the ARPG genre and level of engagement with side quests. 

Engage in punishing and satisfying combat, unlock new traversal abilities, and develop your unique feline character as you go. Discover the rich lore through exploration, cinematics, and interactions, with full Steam Deck compatibility coming soon after release.

Kristala Dark Fantasy Action RPG 003

The full release will feature even more enchanting level areas, new clan characters with comprehensive spell trees, and additional weapon types, talents, traversal mechanics, and feline-related abilities to be leveled on an innovative Feline Skill tree. 

Additionally, get ready for epic new boss fights, NPCs and quests, consumables, items, armor additions, story pickups, challenge modes, achievements, and other exciting features as the game continues its journey through Early Access. 

Kristala Dark Fantasy Action RPG 004

Detailed updates will be shared via Steam’s announcement system as new Episodes are released. Immerse yourself in the dark-fantasy world of Ailur, which will be enhanced and refined as Kristala approaches full release.


  • Begin your journey as a fledgling feline warrior from one of six clans, each with its own unique territory, culture, aesthetic, and magic specialty.
  • Choose between a variety of classes at start of game, each determining your starting stat loadout, weapon set, and armor.
  • There are six magic specialties in-game, each corresponding with the six playable clans (two clans featured in Early Access), plus two distinct stats: Eminence + Malediction.
  • Unique, detailed customization via character creation, stat leveling, magic leveling, and an innovative feline skill-leveling tree.
  • Strategic, fast-paced combat with a heavy emphasis on both magic and replayability.
  • Story unveiled via rich + robust RPG mechanics like quests, journal entries, and special Kristal Memory pick-up items.
Kristala Dark Fantasy Action RPG 002

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