Friday, April 9, 2010

Marvel Teases New X-Men Lineup??

WE ARE THE X-MEN. Doesn't say much and smacks of the recent "I Am An Avenger" media blitz we covered extensively here on Idle Hands. Recently, all the buzz in mutant land has been over who will die at the end of the "Second Coming" story line, which has a mutant aptly named "Hope" as the first born after the M Day event which wiped the globe almost clean of mutants thanks to the crazy whim of Scarlet Witch. Safe money has been on Nightcrawler to bite the big one, but Cyclops would be far more shocking of an ending.

At any rate, it seems even though Second Coming doesn't finish up until July, Marvel is still looking to tease the beejesus out of us with this new image of Spider-Man swinging along side Psylocke and a second with Magneto and the red headed alternate reality She Hulk, Lyra. My only reaction is shock that it's not Deadpool, who has been a cover hog for waaaay too long now. All kidding aside, Spider-Man?! In the X-Men?! Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

Find out more during Marvel’s X-Men panel at the inaugural C2E2 expo on Sunday, April 2:45pm.

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