Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Year In Review

I woke up today and stretched out my old bones with the familiar snaps and creaks that go along with it. In an effort to shed some of my crotchety demeanor, I'm writing a list of happy thoughts from 2010. In no particular order...

1. My nephew acknowledging and utilizing the term "Pew Pew" as the official sound of laser blasts
2. Accidentally Twittering with Michelle Rodriguez about The People Under the Stairs
3. Creating a vampire Batman costume and then discovering how it would beat me down like a high school bully
4. Movies with friends at midnight
5. Scoring an entire collection of The Tick action figures for 24 bucks
6. Friends making SDCC a little less stressful and a lot more fun
7. Seeing how retarded 2 people can get while just shopping
8. Asking Jude Law and Forest Whitaker whose Kung Fu is more powerful
9. Talking to Kenneth Branagh about Thor
10. Buying Tank Girl comic art directly from Rufus Dayglo
11. Meeting Rufus Dayglo!
12. Seeing Tahoe for the first time, riding through mountains, visiting a western town and staying with a beautiful girl
13. Witnessing the "geek rape" of Philadelphia
14. Creating packaging for my first action figure, MUCUS TICK!!!
15. Awesome deals on toys, to which, I am addicted
16. Hanging with that awesome lowrider club at the Machete party with good friends
17. All the great movies and TV sent by various companies. You constantly keep me writing and inspired.
18. Any opportunity God gave me to grow stronger and help people
19. Stephen Colbert day and the pretty girl that made that happen
20. The Annual Stoopid Monkey Christmas card
21. Maria and the cock pop
22. Friends who made me laugh constantly
23. Covering new films and interacting with the fantastic people who work on them

Special thanks to My Family, friends, Dread Central, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles, Shocker Toys, Mattel, Overture, Warner Brothers, Paramount, ThinkGeek, HBO, Turner/ Adult Swim Team, Universal, WB Animation, DC Comics, JAKKS, Bif Bang Pow, Activision, Top Cow, Quirk Books, Titan, Rock and Shock, The NY Asian Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, NY Comic Con, Wizard Entertainment, NECA Toys, Exxxotica Expo, Vivid,, Flickr, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and the unseen force that keeps my car running.

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