Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mezco Mega-Scale ThunderCats Lion-O

Tis the season for THUNDERCATS NEWS!!! Fresh from the buzz of UK Toy Fair where Bandai's new toy line made a sneaky splash while news on the new cartoon made fans smile big time ..and two days of trending on twitter, the worlds most famous battle kitties are solidly in the spotlight...something Mezco are about to take full advantage of.

ThunderCats Ho! Straight from the ThunderCats’ Lair on Third Earth, it’s Lion-O and the legendary mystic Sword of Omens. This mega-scale figure measures over 20 inches tall from the tip of his upraised, extended sword to the soles of his Thunderian boots. Featuring 7 points of articulation this mega figure is superbly detailed, perfectly capturing not only the iconic look of Lion-O as he appeared in the classic television series, but the essence, of Lion-O as he proudly raises the mystic Sword of Omens towards the heavens and roars out “Thundercats, Ho!” He comes complete with his impressive Claw Shield and a removable mystic Sword Of Omens. Lion-O is packaged in a collector friendly window box that allows him to be displayed while remaining Mint In Box.

If Mezco is following their past successes, this mega-scale figure should be a roto-cast piece (meaning heavy duty hollow plastic.) The figures have a great feel to them, are very durable and allow for some excellent detail and paints while keeping costs down. Retail should be around 39.99. Look for him this July. ...and if giant Thundercats are wetting your appetite, be sure to have a look at Pop Culture Shock's massive Lion-O statue and their teaser for the upcoming Mumm-Ra piece!

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