Thursday, January 20, 2011

*UPDATED: Spider-Man On The Run

Shooting is underway on the upcoming Spider-Man film reboot and since we live in the future, it should be no surprise that cameras wielded by citizens on the street are catching every minute of it. This latest bit of footage reveals Spider-Man running from a bad scene, seemingly pursued by police, through the city streets of LA. Check out the action...

We don't have a run down on the plot yet, other than the involvement of Gwen Stacey and her father as essential features in young Peter Parker's life and the impending chaos sure to be caused by The Lizard and a new fiend (to even some classic comic fans) known as Proto-Goblin in the "gritty, contemporary reboot" of the franchise. We've also learned, through eagle eyed fans pouring over the first piece of official art, that Spidey might be back to relying on web shooters for his latest on screen adventure. Sounds like a step in the right direction!

UPDATE: A new picture just surfaced, I'm assuming pilfered and re-pilfered from MTV, showing a close up of the movie costume. While this is most likely a stunt double and therefore, a stunt costume for shooting this particular scene, the details all seem to jibe with the first released pic. Now normally I'd point out that the metal shoe-thingies are probably for running and stunts, but they seem oddly stylized to the costume, so maybe they are for keeps? I'll also point out the circles on his wrists, once again showing off potential web shooters that seem more of a reality now. So what do you think of this Spidey-2099 esque costume??

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  1. I'd rather just get a Spidey 2099 movie. Make him a hardcore neck-stomping badass and that would finally, after 12 years of never paying to see movie, make me... kinda maybe consider paying for it if the quality is bad on the online streaming sites :D