Tuesday, January 25, 2011

*Updated!: Character Options Character Building Doctor Who & H.M. Armed Forces Sets

More news from the UK Toy Fair front as Character Options announce their new range of construction figures and playsets!

Character Options (UK) has announced a new construction line called Character Building, kicking things off with the licenses Doctor Who and H.M. Armed Forces. These are set to launch Spring 2011 with a full line available by Fall/Winter. Currently the plan includes figures sold as singles, so you aren't forced to buy a whole playset to get your favorite denizens of Whoville. Unfortunately, Character has caught the dreaded blind bag virus. Figures will come blind packaged with a stand, an accessory and a little sheet showing the rest of the line for 1.99 (gb). The line starts with 10 figures including 2 Daleks, A Weeping Angel, Angel Bob, 2 11th Doctors, Amy Pond, a Smiler Robot, a Cyberman and a Silurian Warrior (most likely Alaya). The HM Armed Forces figures start with an 8 figure set including troops from all branches of the military that I'm too lazy to identify.

If you do go in for the sets, you may want to note the addition of sculpted bricks like rock formations comprising of 5 to 6 custom pieces that join to create the shape with a textured effect to complete the look. Six playsets will start the line ranging from 9.99 to 19.99 (UK fun bucks, natch'.) A deluxe Tardis playset will also be offered for 99.99 with the Fall/Winter 2011 waves as well as a Time of Angels and Dalek Spaceship set. HMAF won't be left out, as we'll see the release of a deluxe Field Adventure set around the same time as well as a RAF Regiment Quad Bike set, a Navy Assault RIB set and a Merlin Helicopter set. PLEAAASE if you repost this news, give us credit and a link as this article was a bitch to write up. Thanks much.

Jon Diver, Character Group’s Joint Managing Director, commented: “This new project represents a major investment for us and we are delighted to be increasing our Doctor Who Portfolio. In doing so we will also be supplying a new option to the child constructor who will now have the choice of a construction toy that has all the excitement and appeal that Doctor Who brings with it.” Now if all of this is compatible with modern LEGO figures, the news is sure to send those collectors into fits of hysteria (from happiness of course), as they'll now have a wider range of playsets for their collections and new bodies to kit bash for their customs. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Doctorwhotoys.net shot a stack of awesome pictures at UK Toy Fair revealing a bunch of new product. We've spotted all 10 previous Doctors in little figure form, an army of Daleks in yellow, blue, red and white, a Tardis Console Room playset, figures of a Roman Auton, River Song, Rory Williams, a "Vampire" Girl and Amy Pond in her kissing cop outfit and 5 packs of Cybermen and Weeping Angels.

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