Monday, January 10, 2011

Mo-Larr: Dentist of Eternia Back On Sale

He's MO-LARR!! The most powerful, and successful dentist in Eternia, 3 time Juggers champion and husband to Cindy Crawford was given the spotlight on an episode of Robot Chicken in which he brought hygenic justice to Snake Mountain. Now, Mattel is ready to retire his San Diego Comic Con exclusive 2 pack boxed set, so they are giving you one last shot and owning a piece of Eternian dental history.

Meet Mo-Larr, defender of tooth, justice, and the Eternian way! Mo-Larr was featured in the famous (infamous?) episode featured on the DVD release of Robot Chicken Season 2 where he chased down Skeletor® and relieved him of an impacted wisdom tooth, sans numbing agent. Skeletor® features a new head with missing tooth, Havok Staff, Power Sword®, and Half Power Sword®. Mo-Larr, Eternian Dentist, comes with five assorted dental tools, including @#%## drill and floss.

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