Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Toy News from UK Toy Fair

More news flooding out of UK Toy Fair at this point, and if you've been watching over the years, you know this is the first year we've gotten so much before the big International Toy Fair in New York! Moonbase2 mentions there were no pics allowed but activated their cyber brains to memorize every detail of the products we are set to get from the upcoming Transformers movie "Dark of the Moon." I don't want to rip all of their news so here are some highlights...

If I'm reading right, there seem to be three main categories..

MECHTECH - featuring attachable, deployable weapons that work in both modes of transformation and supposedly can be used on other figures in the assortment. As usual, you'll get the Deluxe, Voyager, Leader and Ultimate classes (ranging in size and complexity, as well as price for you newbs). The highlight of the line is Ultimate Optimus that comes with a trailer!

CYBERVERSE - This reads like the Legends line, delivering the characters and designs fans are always going berserk over. The mind blowing highlight of this line is the Ark Playset. I'll give you a moment to process this as you realize the Ark is the giant ship the Autobots live in. It's about time Hasbro got around to making a giant vehicle/playset for the Transformers line! There is also mention of an action set assortment of 6 that can connect together with weapons, ramps, gunner stations and more. Could these possibly be add-ons for the Ark? We'll find out soon enough!

STEALTH FORCE - Seem to be the kiddified Transformers with pop up transformation featuring the core characters.

The New York International Toy Fair 2011 starts February 12th, so keep watching as we spoil as much as we can before the big show!



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