Sunday, January 2, 2011

*Updated: Green Lantern Movie Toys Begin to Surface

Just one foot in the door of 2011 and we've got Green Lantern action figures popping up! That Ryan Reynolds is a fucking promo whore. The first piece appears to be a repainted Mattel Infinite Heroes Green Lantern, now wearing his eye exploding movie costume. The Toys R Us exclusive preview figure comes packed with a base with a movie accurate ring in it and "exclusive decos" on the figure. The second figure comes from an upcoming 6 inch Mattel line featuring Tomar Re. No telling how this industrious ebay seller got his hands on the loose figure, but his location of Hong Kong will give you an idea. The listing does say it is a pre-sale though, which is odd for something probably nicked off an assembly line.

UPDATE: More images popping up. The first one of G'hu, the mystery figure we saw in shadow from Mattel's upcoming figure line, courtesy of The Daily Blam! The second, placed cryptically on the Mattycollector boards by poster Jason Melo featuring Rot Lop Fan. Looks like Green Lantern fans can rejoice over new figures that aren't just repainted human bodies! Speaking of which, we just got an image of a supposedly 14 inch light up Ryan Reynolds. His eyes and chest do the lighting and his smile melts panties.

UPDATE 2: As more pics surface I didn't see a need for a totally new article just to bash how bad these new things look. Keep in mind these are of prototypes, so there may still be time to fix the problems. We also don't know the scale on these new pieces, but 6" seems to be the safe bet, seeing all that articulation. Credit to who very well may have swiped these pics from somewhere else, since there is no telling where they might be on their website. The pics do resemble the early pic of G'hu above, so consider it from the same source everyone else is swiping from. I'm going to go out on a limb and say these early leaks are doing nothing for the advance buzz on the movie and WB must be losing their minds right now.


  1. Preachers POV:
    I love 3.75
    It's just great for countless reasons...But Mattel is missing the ball...Ideally, I think that if DC Direct swooped in to cover the scale it could revive the company should they focus on this and import toys.

  2. FYI..and you probably already know this preach, but for anyone else reading, only that Green Lantern is 3.75 inches. G'hu, Rot Lop Fan and Tomar Re are all 6 inch figures.