Saturday, January 15, 2011

*UPDATED: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Action Figures Revealed

An email just dropped into my box with an advertisement in a UK magazine showing the first action figures to be seen from the newest installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise titled "On Stranger Tides". You'll notice the company listed as Flair, but the product is the same scale as previously announced by JAKKS Pacific, so we'll assume these will be distributed in the UK by Flair. On tap for the JAKKS line are ...

4 inch Action Figures Jack Sparrow, Angelica, Barbosa, Blackbeard and Mr. Gibbs, all scaled to climb aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge Ship Play Set. Right now I've got no idea who the Brit on deck is. But that's just the beginning!

With no fear of a recession prematurely emptying your pockets, JAKKS have planned out five series of 4 inch figures, three series of battle packs, four series of 6 inch collector series figures, three series of 6 inch classic movie moments action figures AND two series of premium 12 inch figures. That's what I call a full lineup. Before long, you'll have a ship full of scurvy sea dogs and the zombie pirates to battle them. Yo ho.

1/15/2011- New Info! OK so the dandy in the official Brit officer's outfit is looking more and more like Barbosa, which jibes with the series 1 lineup so it sounds right. We've just yet to see Mr. Gibbs. Details on the Queen Anne's Revenge Ship Play Set reveal some of the play features including a battery casing on the lantern on the front of the boat (light up most likely), big section gaps on the side suggesting you can pull off the side panels for battle damage, a hook from the crows nest suggesting you can hoist a figure up and cannons that appear to fire projectiles. Also there's the obvious addition of a cloth sail, which is notable in itself. Pre-orders list the ship between 65 and 70 dollars. Prices on cases of the basic 4 inch figures suggest a retail of around $8.99 dollars per figure. STEEP! The 4 inch scaled battle packs should come in at around $15.99, with 3 pieces in each wave. 6 inch figures premiere in a 5 figures set with each figure at $15.99 a pop. This 6 inch collector line includes a build a figure piece with each figure. In fact, each of the 6 inch collector action figure series has a BAF theme!! Looks like there might be more monsters than just zombie pirates on deck. Big MIGHT, but one can hope. BAF could actually mean anything, but traditionally, you are building a big creature of some sort, so fingers crossed. Then theres the 6 inch Classic Movie Moments series which appear to be 2 packs of action figures. JAKKS will release 2 of these per series. Last in line are the 12 inch premium figures, released 2 per series for $19.99 each. Nice price!

More info to come!

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