Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Behold... The Meowmorphosis

Quirk has made a name for themselves by taking literary classics and adding a little something strange...essentially...making them more powerful and thought provoking than they ever were before. Before Quirk, someone would say Pride and Predjudice and you'd immediately start yawning. Add the words "and Zombies" and suddenly all your friends are awake again and are demanding a movie version so they don't have to read the book. AMAZING!! Now Quirk takes us on the trail of something...different...

In the Meowmorphosis, you'll meet Gregor Samsa, a humble young man who works as a fabric salesman to support his parents and sister. Gregor’s quiet life goes strangely awry when he wakes up one morning late for work and finds that, inexplicably, he is now a man-sized baby kitten. Midway through Quirk’s new edition, Gregor escapes into the streets of Prague, where he stumbles into an alarming landscape populated by creepy characters who’ve wandered in from some of Kafka’s other most famous stories. That's right, The Meowmorphosis is a mash-up with the rest of Kafka’s literary life.

Never before has a cat’s tale been so poignant, strange, and horrifyingly funny. Head to the store May 10th and pick up your copy! There are still stores that sell these paper things, right?

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