Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Here's the deal. Once a year, the comic book industry gets together with your local comic shops to dish out a stack of free books in the hopes you will become completely addicted, as you should be. Unfortunately, more often than not, the only people who hit the shops on this day are the people who already collect the damn things. I INTEND TO FIX THAT!! I formerly dub May 7th "Nerd Raid Day." On this day, I would like you to take some time out of your vegging on the big comfy couch, gather your friends and hit your nearest comic shop. You can find one of those with the handy dandy COMIC SHOP LOCATOR, or if you are more advanced, you can hit the ultra modern yellow pages online. Some awesome shops are having special events for their celebration with special guests, people in costume and funfunfun for your kiddies, so call the shops and see if they are doing anything special. Here's a rundown of books you can score...

Amazing Spider-Man
Avatar: The Last Airbender / Clone Wars
PEP Comics Betty and Veronica
Darkwing Duck & Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
Green Lantern Flashpoint Special Edition
Geronimo Stilton & The Smurfs
Kung Fu Panda & Richie Rich
Locke and Key
Mouse Guard Dark Crystal Flip Book
Super Dinosaur Origin Special
2000 AD
Darkness S2 Prequel
Atomic Robo and Friends
Baltimore Criminal Macabre
Bongo Comics Free For All (Simpsons!)
Captain America / Thor
Civil War Adventure
Deadliest Sharks & Prehistoric Predators
Elric Balance Lost
Inspector Gadget
Intrepid Escapegoat & Stuff of Legend
Jake the Dreaming
James Patterson Witch and Wizard
John Stanley Summer Fun
MTG Path Planeswalker II Preview
Misadventures of Adam West
Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics
Rated Free for Everyone
Silver Scorpion
Sonic the Hedgehog
The Tick
Top Shelf Kids Club
Walt Disney Mickey Mouse
Worlds of Aspen
Young Justice / Batman Brave and the Bold Super Sampler

Annnnd a DC Heroclix Green Lantern!

Hit up http://freecomicbookday.com/ for more details, previews of the comics and miles of warm, squishy comic book love.

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